Thursday 5 March 2009

The King has no Clothes....

V. Sivakumar

V Sivakumar, who has unlimited powers under the Standing Orders of the Perak legislative assembly, created history when he suspended the UMNO preferred Mentri Besar and six of his Executives  from the State Assembly but soon, very soon,  V. Sivakumar,  will be history.

As I watch this Speaker of the Perak Assembly increasingly become more isolated as the days go by I wait for the time when he will be thrown to the sharks that are encircling him now. May GOD save the State of Perak but nothing will save Sivakumar. What he did was a very brave thing and in Politics when you do a very brave thing, that is like falling upon your own sword. Has there been a politician in Malaysia that has done a brave thing and survive? The latest casualty was Radzi (Secretary General of UMNO) who did a brave thing and he perished. Zaid Ibrahim did a brave thing and he perished. Anwar did a brave thing and he perished. Tun Salleh Abbas too perished. No Sivakumar will be had for breakfast, lunch and dinner by Barisan first and then by Pakatan when he can no longer serve their purpose. Pity the poor bastard but he had his day in history and infamy….more of the latter then the former. He is now reduce to calling for a meeting of the state assembly under a tree – but nevertheless it was a very big tree. 

You have to marvel at the audacity of Sivakumar. He looks resplendent and almost Royal in his Speakers Robe  - but -  as he is strutting around when will some body tell him that “the King has no clothes ” ? As I have said before, when you are at the edge of a cliff – STEP BACK to allow you the opportunity of working out what your next move is. Ok you can say that you are not retreating – merely advancing in another direction. So be it – but STEP BACK. Sivakuma did not step back. Now go and figure out where he can go from here. This is where the leadership within Pakatan failed him - Sivakumar went out to bat for Pakatan and put his neck on the chopping board. Now it looks like he will be out for a duck ..and that is just at the Pakatan level. Just think where he will end up eventually once Barisan has had their way with him. And do not forget Tuanku. They will all want a pound of his flesh – and unlike the Merchant of Venice- they can get their pound of flesh and leave him to bleed to death. So my dear Sivakumar remember this. When you next feel inclined to lead a Charge of the Light Brigade, do look back once in a while and make sure you have somebody to cover your rear and your flank because like the charge of the light brigade, you are hurtling into the valley of death. And Politics do not favor the brave. If you ask me…emigration would have to be an option for you to consider......die lah !!! 

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  1. I will grant you that he's stuck his neck out - and put it on the chopping board, no less. But when I look at the man, it seems to me that he didn't think of any of this by himself. He was 'advised' to do what he did.

    That he is thrown to the sharks may well be his fate. But if he is, then it will be saying a lot about the Pakatan movement. And it will say a lot that people don't want to hear, or to face, right now - for the Pakatan is looked upon as 'the saviours'.

    How this all pans out is going to be more than merely interesting. It will be a foretaste of things to come, don't you agree?