Sunday 15 March 2009

If I can have but just one more day with those that I love before I die.

I like nothing more then to have a day with nothing to do except eat when I am hungry, drink when I am thirsty and sleep when I am sleepy..…but I want to do this with my wife and children close by – for I cannot be complete without their presence near me. 

With my Family I live each day as if it will be my last. I tell my wife, my son, my daughter that I love them very very much any time I am with them and every time I communicate with them –through the phone, mobile, e mail, facebook or sms. I hug and kiss them every chance I can – everyday, many times a day. Whenever I pass them in the house I reach out to touch them. This way I know that if I leave them today I would not have any regrets in not touching them when I can and showing them and telling them that I love them when I can. There will be no “if I can have but just one more day with them before I die” moment for me.

From where did I learn to do this? From my own life. In my life I have only hug my Father once – on the night that I arrived from Perth to go see my mother live her last night on earth at the General Hospital in KL. After seeing my Mother at the hospital I arrived home and went straight to my Father’s room where he was resting and hug him as he rose from his chair – and to my regret I was never again able to do that to him again in his life. I love my parents but being from the old school there were not able to physically show their affections to me – no hugs, no kisses…the only physical contact I had with their person was to kiss their hands every time we meet. And this I do gladly anytime I could. My children do not kiss my hand in greeting. We hug.

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