Friday 17 July 2009


The Natives Are Restless tonight...MACC you cannot make something like what happened to Teoh Beng Hock go away. Najib you of all people, should understand the emotions that could be generated by the death of a young about to be engaged Political Secretary of an DAP Assemblyman. The death of Kugan you could possible cover up - but like the beating of Anwar many many years ago, this you cannot make go away. You must by now have that empty feeling in your stomach as you plot damage control with your cohorts. You must have by now put on high alert the Police, the Army and any other life lines you think you might need to allow you to keep control of the country. But methinks that will not be enough. You will not want to try and stop the outpouring of grief and helplessness that will come from the people in the days to come over this incident because to curb this will only drive them towards total anger resulting in them running amok all over KL. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Listen to those who will be able to advise you on the right thing to do - Ku Li would be a good place to start. Sit with Pakatan Rakyat and listen to what they have to say and most important, keep a cool head. If the people want you to go - leave. God help you -for no one else will.       


  1. ...the moving finger writes...and now let the game begins!!!!

  2. I understand your anger - for it is mine, too. That a young man should be dead, and people tell us to 'not get over-emotional' is unacceptable.

  3. I've wanted to write something on this, but my thoughts are all in a jumble. So, I've decided to link this to my post - for you say it all so well, and so eloquently.