Saturday 18 July 2009

Life like Malaysia.

I remember an occasion when I was waiting for a bus at Chow Kit at a fairly busy hour. A bus with more then it’s quota of passengers arrived. Nobody on the bus had time to get off. People surged onto the already fill to capacity bus. I watched with amusement as the conductor went “ masuk…..masukmasuk lahmasuk lagiboleh masuk lagi” and this went on until a sensible passenger simply refused to board the bus despite urgings from the conductor and those behind him.

Who can forget Lat’s depiction of that busty Chinese lady enthusiastically urging with arms akimbo, the car driver who was reversing his car to “gostangostangostan…” and then running away as the poor driver backed his car (at her direction) into the longkang.

I remember the time I engaged a taxi driver in discussions about the merits and demerits (if any) of Samy Velu. I started with the Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology University (AIMST), MAIKA Holdings, and Samy’s plan for Indians to achieve 3% equity in the business sector by 2010. The driver looked at me through his rear view window as I rattle on about the longevity of their President who, I reminded him., worked himself up from a Bus Conductor to where he is now – at the pinnacle MIC. He stopped me in full flight with a “POODAH lah dey! !!!” …which left me in no doubt as to where his affections for Samy Velu were and followed that with a “ saya Hindraf punya orang” - and for good measure with a clench fist said ““Makaal Sakti” 

When trying to place Malaysia’s “Quotable Quotes” in it’s historical context “Correct, correct, correct” comes instantly to my mind. The now iconic “I cannot remember” immortalized for eternity by Mahathir will possibly make its appearance again and again when Khir Toyo and the others have their day in court (and their time WILL come) to explain how they rape and pillage our country during their time in power. Of course ranking itself almost on par with these two quotes must be the classic “boleh selesai encik?” which we routinely salute PDRM with. You can rank them dumb, dumber and dumbest – in no particular order of preference. Till we laugh again together…steadyaku47.


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