Wednesday 22 July 2009

Why I will not be accepting Ku Li’s decision to not accept Zaid’s offer…


With respects Sir your personal want’s matters not at a time when the country requires your guidance and wise counsel. We have need for an elder Statemans to sit within our midst to ensure that the path we take is the right one. We have need for a voice of reason to take us on a ‘steady as she goes’ course as Pakatan Rakyat sails into uncharted waters not knowing what it will encounter in the need to ensure good governance of our country in the days to come. Who else will do that for us? Who else will have that strength of character to stand up against the likes of Anwar, Tok Guru. Kit Siang and Kapral if not you Sir? Who else will not turn and run when push comes to shove in the hurly burly of the ‘take no prisoners’ politics of  UMNO?  Who else but you Sir.


I am past listing the litany of abuse and deceits of UMNO. I am past trying to understand the stupidity of those in power to constantly abuse the trust we have place in them. I am past being angry at the audacity of those whom are sworn to protect us continue to time and time again, do us harm and cause heart aches to those whose love ones have died in custody.


Let me not belittle our call to you Sir by equating it to a call to National Service. As you said the situation we have now transcends party politics. Will you then Sir, rise above party politics and lead us for as long as you physically can and then we will allow you to retire with the thanks of a grateful nation and its people….and if it does any good at all Sir, this heartful plea comes from a Budak Kolet despairing of what our country has become.









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