Sunday 19 July 2009

nazri aziz...a truly unpleasant man indeed.

When I am faced with an obnoxious salesman who thinks that he is doing me a favor by serving me, a mechanic who is obviously taking me for a ride by charging me exorbitantly for a minor fault in my 1982 Daihatsu Charade CX car engine, a taxi driver who wants Ringgit $15 to take me from KLCC to Tabung Haji Hq at 5pm( simply because he thinks he can), a thief who offers to sell me A Rolex DateJust 18K President for $120 o.n.o…. any distasteful situation …I walk away. 

I will do that to Nazri Aziz the next time I see him. In my years of life, and I am 62 years old and an ex MCKK boy to boot, I have never had a more unpleasant experience of trying to meet with someone as I have had with this Nazri. I was waiting to see him in the lobby of Parliament on a matter, not of national importance, not to ask him a personal favor but to alert him to a situation where, in my humble opinion, justice was not being served. After briefing his Press Secretary Haji Mat Isa on the matter, Haji Mat advised that I should bring the matter to Nazri’s attention and he would arranged the meeting during a break in proceedings. I waited patiently for one hour for see him. When he sat down not 10 feet away from me and Mat Isa went to him to see if he could spare me 5 minutes of his time – and this after I told Mat Isa to tell him that I was a Budak Kolet – not only did he not spare me the 5 minutes but he did not even had the courtesy to look in my direction and acknowledge my presence – hamsap punya orang. 

But I am please that Najib had saw it fit to appoint him a Minister in his Cabinet. We would need more Ministers of his genre to hasten UMNO's fall from grace.   Birds of a feather…… 

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