Wednesday 22 July 2009

The Great Divide.

The death of Teoh Beng Hock has achieved nothing more then to reinforce the great divide between the Rakyat’s expectations of what their Government should do and what it is really doing. The Rakyat expects our Government to do the following:

• To protect our country.
• To preserve peace within its boundaries.
• To ensure every Rakyat has space in Malaysia for a home and a means of        livelihood.

What has happened to Teoh Beng Hock is neglect by the Government of its duties - no more no less. The death of Teoh Beng Hock has raised the worst-case scenario for MACC - namely that in its zeal to do the bidding of it’s political masters they have unwittingly conspire to perpetuate the self fulfilling prophecy, i.e. that they are part and parcel of Barisan’s relentless attempts to eliminate Pakatan Rakyat. A death in custody is par for the course. The arrogance of power precludes caution and makes it’s perpetrator unable to understand that peeing into the wind is just not a sensible thing to do.

But this worries me - the Rakyat forgets easily. 

What happened in Perak few months ago are now history and its business as usual there? 

The collapse of the Stadium in KT has been effectively neutralised – no contractor have put up their hands owning to their misdeeds (though of course the usual ‘thoroughly investigated’ and ‘important to ensure such an incident did not recur in the future’ has been parroted by the powers that be) 

Kugan is a done deal and in a few more months, will just be a blip on the horizon. 

Istana Khir Toyo? Cannot prove he took money – the fact that he has an Istana that looks $25million, that costs $25million and that shouts that this is a man who has an Istana bought with his ill gotten gains while in public office does not mean he is corrupt – just resourceful. 

KJ got a slight slap on the wrist for being a naught boy –let us call a spade a spade – he was just a little bit into money politics (ha ha ha )– so can let him go lah. 

Altantuya drifts further and further away as the clock turn. Razak Baginda is already comfortable settled in a land far away with a considerable cash reserve courtesy of the Ministry of Defence.

JJ is Ambassador to the US of A (like putting a kid in a candy store!!), Perwaja is reduced to a ‘work in progress’ that should go away by next year…. the list goes on but I think you get my drift. What will it take to shake the Racist from their stupor, Barisan from their arrogance and Pakatan Rakyat from their knee jerk reaction to situations happening around us? 

Why not take the offensive. Pakatan Rakyat is the Kerajaan in waiting. Act in a statesman like manner. Lead us. Holding demonstration and press conferences might be good for the soul but is a waste of time in terms of getting things done. Where is that second line of leaders that Pakatan will surely need come the next GE. The current leader within Pakatan must now be king makers because the peoples expectations are much too high for you all to meet. Painful as it is to accept these realities – you all must if you are to be an effective government-in-waiting. Where is your shadow cabinet – which are the potential ministers, your spokesman in Defence, in Finance, in Commerce, in Agriculture? It augers ill for us if the be all and end all of all Pakatan Rakyat polices should have to come from Anwar alone.

These things are necessary for Pakatan Rakyat to prepare itself for taking over from Barisan after the next General Election.

• Be truthful when talking with the Rakyat. 
Tell them what is possible to do and what is not possible. Eradicating corruption completely is not possible – there will be people within Pakatan who are already salivating at the thought of what money they could make now that you are already controlling some states. Be transparent and do the right thing – and the rakyat will be forgiving. We are in this together and mistakes will be made – but if we learn from these mistakes it will only be a positive thing for us all. Tell them what procedures you will put in place to ensure corruption, nepotism and all the evils that Barisan perpetuated are controlled. 

• Tell the people what Barisan have been doing. 
Expose the corruption, the mismangement, the nepostism, the jobs for the boys culture, the extent of wastage in public spending, the weakness of the family structure because of this culture of materialism – and blame all this on Barisan years rule. Tell us how you can do better.

• Prepare well for Government. 
You are already in control of four states. You will need your present leaders to lead for a while – then prepare for the handover to a younger generation of leaders able to fell the pulse of the nation and do the necessary.

Do all this now and TELL US so that we know that you are ready to become the next Government of Malaysia.



Wahai Rakyat 
Jangan mudah lupa lagi

Kerana perjuanganmu belum selesai. 
(with thanks to Mahathir?)

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