Sunday 19 July 2009

another Friend gone....

A friend, a schoolmate, a fellow blogger whose last email to me was just yesterday….passed away last night in his asleep.

The Ancient Mariner

is no longer with us. I know not what to say except to think of what his Family must be going through now. Captain Yusof, Usop as we know him and Captain as I like to address him – lost his dear mother only last week and now he himself has left us. Yes he called a spade a spade, did not pull any punches when he could be a bit more gentle with me in his comments on my comments to his writing – but that was Captain – as he like to say of himself…”an in your face” kind of guy – but a kind person who went to a lot of work to keep all of us – his MCKK64 School mates together through our MCKK64 blog site. For that we are all grateful to you Captain. For now rest in peace. I miss you already. For those with loved ones, live each day with them as if it was your last – then when they leave you there will be no regrets – just the missing of them. When Captain sent me the email last night, as always he was thinking of me rather then of himself. He was happy that an article I wrote was picked up by the Malaysian Insider and congratuted me …and I am glad that I replied with thanks immedietly. Captain rest in peace. Al Fatihah – I miss you already.


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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you've lost a good, friend, Hussein.

    Take heart in the fact that he lived the good life, and was true to himself, especially in what he wrote. He was fair and objective, but he wasn't afraid to speak out when he saw something that was wrong.

    May his soul rest in peace.