Friday 17 July 2009

HARTAL !!!!!

These people must think we are stupid idiots to insult our intelligence with their version of what has happened to Tan Beng Hock.


MACC finished recording their statement from him at 3.45am and we are expected to believe that TBH did not want to go home to rest and recuperate before having to go to work the next day – but instead wanted to rest in the MACC office? Aisehman go tell that to the Marines or better still to UTK (because they believe whatever you tell them - if they are asked to go kill anybody, preferably a defenceless Mongolian lady, they will do so !!).


Why do they not do the decent thing and inform TBH boss of  his demise immedietely? The answer “ I am unable to answer the question. I have to ask my officer”. Despite being a Malay, this Federal MACC director of investigations Datuk Mohd Shukri Abdul is not familiar with what doing the decent thing is all about.


Of course all relevant individuals from the Najib down will parrot the “through investigation” and  “no stone unturn” mantra while they go hide under another stone.


Cukup lah. Let us show our solidarity by turning out in our thousands for the funeral of TBH. Let us go pay our respects while he lies in state in our thousands, silently and respectful of what his Family is now going through. Let us have a HARTAL (a mass protest involving a total shutdown of workplaces, offices, shops and in all things Malaysian) for a meaningful period of time to show Najib that this time things have gone too far. Let us all be together in our grief for TBH but resolute in our determination that TBH death was not in vain. That what TBH could not do while living – the overthrow of a corrupt and self serving Barisan regime, he can now do in death through us. What TBH could not do while living, the return of our right to a decent, caring and responsible Government, he can now do in death, through us. We owe him and his family at least that much. Amen.


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