Wednesday 22 July 2009

Online exclusive - NST

It is now 9.49pm and as is my habit - after the day is almost done – and with  ‘Desperate Housewife’ on TV that means that I will have to go to my PC for alternative entertainment. After having a look through The Vision – Uganda’s leading website – I then went to NSTP online just so that I will not miss any earth shattering news and happenings that UMNO wants me to know. An online exclusive caught my eye.

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DAILY DISPATCHES: They got their Royal Commission of Inquiry but will they stop their lynching?


IN ordering the formation of a Royal Commission of Inquiry today to probe the chary death of Teoh Boon Hock, the young DAP cadre whose body was found sprawled outside Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Shah Alam headquarters last week, the Cabinet committed the most pragmatic decision it could make in light of the over-the-top outrage generated, mostly by Pakatan Rakyat leaders and its band of noxious supporters.


Immedietly I had to go to the dictionary when I came across ‘chary’ in the very first paragraph. It meant ‘sorrowful’. Impressed I press on – this reporter can almost be mistaken for a writer!

The next sentence contained another ambigious word (to me) ‘cadre’ which according to Webster means ‘Cadre (pronounced /ˈkɑːdreɪ/, from the French) is the backbone of an organization, usually a political or military organization. Generally it is applied to a small core of committed and experienced people who are capable of providing leadership and of training newer members’

Again I am impressed. This reporter must be worth his weight in gold to his Editor. He has used ‘chary’ and ‘cadre’ in the very first paragraph of this online inclusive. Must have gone to the same learning instituition as that Ketua Pemuda fellow – aisehman I mean during his primary years lah.

Next came ‘pragmatic’ which I was quite familiar with having had to salute many a PDRM mata mata with a ‘boleh selesai encik’ – not because I want to but I had to be pragmatic. 

A few seconds later I came across another hard one ‘noxious’ –


morally harmful; corrupting; pernicious: 

Morally harmful and corrupting being the operative word – words that this reporter should be familiar with when working for Political Masters who are not from Pakatan Rakat.

Suffice to say that at this juncture I said enough. Who is he trying to impress? Chary, cadre, pragmatic and noxious  ..and we are not even past the first paragraph. Sheesh (as my late fellow blogger The Ancient Mariner would say)…I have other things to do then go on reading this pretentious idiot piece. I rather go torture myself and watch ‘Desperate Housewife’ ….with one eye open and one eye close of course.


  1. “Well-placed sources and officials close to the MACC said Teoh was “manhandled and threatened” by investigators during a 10-hour interrogation as part of a political conspiracy to bring down opposition leaders, led by Anwar Ibrahim, and to implicate them for alleged misuse of funds.

    When he refused to do so, the officers dragged him to a window on the 14-story building and threatened to throw him out,”said the source who was not authorized to speak to media.”

    Well, this piece from Malaysian Mirror is interesting. Check it out at:


    We are all of one Race, the Human Race.
    That is all that really matters.

  2. Those were the days when there were good writers at the NST and The Star. Now, all I ask for is grammatical English, and even on that, they cannot deliver!

  3. donplaypuks - we do not really know what happened to TBH at MACC and we will never know - the government will allow us to know what they want us to know. Even when the facts speak for themselves they will still deny, deny and deny...we wait for the next General Elections. ..then they can always hold another inquiry on what happened at MACC to TBH. Meanwhile keep your anger.