Friday 24 February 2012


For the men in uniform who joined the police or the army for the true reason of serving the community and acting as protector and defender of the people. Remember you join the force to be a hero of the people and not to cause harm or injure your own people.

Please think and act according to your conscience and to serve the people of the almighty against the evil politicians out to hold on to power at all cost.
Be a true Hero and Defender of the people and not a servant of the evil politician.

Your oath is to protect the country. If a government has wronged the country and its rakyat, it is your sworn duty to protect the rakyat if a government is damaging the country.
When Malaysians gather in Kuantan, Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Ipoh and Johor this SUNDAY do take care of us and if the occasions demand protect us the rakyat.


  1. SA47,

    nice sentiments but bro you are not on the ground here.

    most so call police I know are cowards bully boys.

    oh yeah they are ever so ' tough ' when dealing with motorist, but watch them tuck tail under their podgy bodies when confronted by a real criminal.

    And the Fg corruption is unbelievable - even on the ground.

    I saw it in front of me with my own eyes !