Saturday 25 February 2012

Cakap cakap...You, Petra, me, our country and our future.

How I wish I could sit down with you and lock horns about the things that you and I agree to disagree about over a cup of coffee…no need for Starbuck…just Nescafe on the veranda at the back of my house would do. And we will talk…….talk about Naib,Anwar, Mahathir, BN, UMNO, PR, DAP, Taib……so much to talk about and so little time! I will have my stories and you have yours….plenty to sembang about. But the tyranny of distance does not allow us these nuances that makes life more tolerable. All I can do is read what you write and hope that you will read mine and then across the thousand of miles that divides us, we throw each other our barbs and our comments!

Believe you me friends there are many stories still to be told. Enough to fill many Khairy Chronicles if Petra wants to set himself the task of doing so. But the 13th general election is almost upon us. We need to prioritise.

Not many have the courage of Petra to tell it like it is. And do not say that Petra is safe in Manchester and that is why he does what he does. He has paid his dues and more!

Me? I just started a few years back when I know I am safe and far away from the clutches of the Special Branch.

We do not write because UMNO pays us though I wish they would throw some of their millions our way. And if they do we will do what PAS told their supporters to do when UMNO throws money their way……take it and still vote for PAS…or in our case, take it but still hantam UMNO and anything else that is not right! That is why UMNO will not talk to us. They cannot trust us to do what they want us to do and neither can Pakatan Rakyat!

We write because we have a story to tell. Sometimes it is all too easy to put everything in words as the mind engages
In sync with the words flowing out of you – like the intertwining of sound and images in a film.

Most times it is a struggle. A struggle to marry thought with words. A struggle not made easier when you know that those that visit your site will judge you not on what you have written but on what comes next! But enough of me! Let us talk about us! 

How we do now live is not how we must live. We are now becoming a people increasingly polarized by what we want and what we need, by our values and all the beliefs that we hold sacred. Race, religion, decency and compassion for each other, education for our children, civil liberties and the ability to earn a living commensurate with our abilities and ambitions…. each of these are now being used as the means to further the ends of the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government. A government we detest. A government unfit to have our trust what more to govern us!

We allow UMNO to dictate the lives we now live. These politicians have told us that we cannot live as one people because how can we be one when no common ground can be found between us? We are Malays and the others are not. We are Muslims and the others are infidels. This is our country and they have come from another. 

Anything and everything that can be used to divide us is used against us by this BN government. Religious, ethnic and nationalistic are artificially created tension and used to keep us on edge. Why must we talk about religious threats to Islam from the Christians when none exists?  Why keep harping about Ketuanan Melayu when you profess 1Malaysia? 

Is this right? Where are we as a people heading? Or more to the point, where is this BN government taking us? Into the abyss of racial and religious conflicts? Or the hell fire of May 13th again? Would it not be ironic if we have a May 13th at the 13th General Election!

Are the people of our country waiting to leave the country or are they hopeful of a decent future for themselves and their children? If they are leaving who are leaving? Are they the educated and the professionals – those whom our country needs most?

Let me tell you what I know. I have met many Malaysians in Adelaide where I am now living. All non-Malays. All professionals in their own right. All with good jobs and some in business living in decent homes, driving decent cars and settling down in a foreign country. Living in Australia is no hardship for them but they would prefer to be in Malaysia. They endure Australia for they know that it would be better for their children’s future.

I also know of Malays who have left Malaysia to live elsewhere for the same reason. The first few years of living abroad is difficult and they miss family and the way of life they have been used to. But we would rather this life then the future we think Malaysia is now heading to. A future where race and religion dictates your place in society.
While there are many of us that have left Malaysia there are also many who chose to come to Malaysia to live. And who are these people eager to come into our country? We welcome those who want to spend their retirement in Malaysia – but they must have the means to do so. Their contribution will be their money.

And who else? The poor, the uneducated and the unskilled? Yes they come in the millions to work in our country. They fulfil our need for cheap labour but they send the money they earn back to their family back home. Billions repatriated when that money is much more needed here in Malaysia.

Then there are the pendatangs – they are given citizenship but to what end? Our BN government wants the Malay race to dominate. And these pendatangs qualify as Malays. It does not matter that their coming brings into our society all the ills and the disadvantage of having a people who have only known poverty and hardship. They come not to contribute to our development as a nation but to hinder our progress as they play catch up to the standards of living we have already achieved! What madness is it for our government to do this? Other countries encourage migration of people whose skills they lack we encourage migration based on ethnic consideration in order to boost the numerical number of those that will vote for UMNO.   
Nothing else matters but the building up of a vote bank for UMNO!

That is why our future is uncertain. Our future is bleak. At best there will be a change in government  - a government that hopefully will understand the need for good governance  -but that will not happen in the immediate future – a decade from now possibly. And even if it happens at the 13th general election, the likelihood of change happening will still take time.

For those with the means and the opportunity to leave Malaysia to build a life abroad –they will take that chance and leave. It is just not worth the wait to see if change will happen in Malaysia with or without a change in government. That is the nature of we humans. If need be we are prepared to face daunting odds and challenges to survive but there must be end in sight to what we can put up with the present hardships. For many they would rather migrate to a foreign country, put up with the change in lifestyle, put up with the cold in as long as we know that the future for their children will be better. Better then one in Malaysia!

When will the Malaysian government understand this? That most of us that leave Malaysia to live elsewhere are decent, hard working people who just want to live a decent life?  We want to live under a government that will allow us to do just that.

And once settled we know that our second generation will forget Malaysia. They will forget that there ever was a Malaysia in their lives and our country of choice will be our home. And hopefully our children will grow up to be better people in a better country under a better government.

There is a simple test we can use. Who are the people wanting to get into or get out of Malaysia? Those who want to get into Malaysia are the poor and the disadvantage from our neighbouring countries. Those who want to leave are the educated and those who have money seeking a better life elsewhere…what does that say about Malaysia?

Let me tell you what Malaysia is today. It is a nation where power is corruptly wielded, its people oppressed, a nation held back and it’s people aspirations for a decent future denied. Fifty-Five years of UMNO led government have done this to us. A government diseased and beyond redemption waiting out its last hours of life.

No more…no more.

Anything but UMNO. Asalkan Bukan UMNO. 



  1. No need for you or Petra to write. As I said earlier, let us figure it out for ourselves

  2. QUOTE..annoymous...."No need for you or Petra to write. As I said earlier, let us figure it out for ourselves."

    Oh what ass ...... you have been figuring out for yourselves for the last fifty years, and UMNO is still in government. Without all the exposure of UMNO's corruption and misdeeds by Raja Petra and Pak Hussein, you, the anonymous writer, will still be in your slumber state. You ungrateful PKR idiotic supporter, you JUST do NOT have sufficient INTELLIGENCE to "figure out yourself". You are better off just keeping your tunnel vision to yourself.

  3. Totally agreed.

    Umno thinks we are stupid and dumb.

    Prime Minister thinks we are stupid and dumb.

    Deputy Prime Minister also thinks we are stupid and dumb.

    MACC also thinks we are stupid and dumb.

  4. It has been 4 years since we left Malaysia and our heart still beats for her. Yet it is our children that we worry about and we are willing to stay away from loved ones just for this reason.

    We've been called many many things (Penakut, Pengkianat, Lupa jasa budi, etc) and being ridiculed by family/relatives but Malaysia is no longer the place we used to know

    Everything is racially decided, lack of trust , transparency, due diligence among other things is a way of life. How will our children benefit in a negative environment regardless of individual beliefs. Their future looks bleak, with crime, social and economic fortunes equally in dire straits.

    There isnt a moment in time we long to return back to Malaysia but deep in our hearts we know the present Government want no part of us.

    Our future is our children and we will stay away from our loved nation for their sake.

  5. Yes, it's sad to see the deteriorating state in all aspects of our beloved country.

    Malalysians back home are more divided and distrust each other - no thanks to our BN govt! The slogan 'Malaysia, Truly Asia' sounds so empty now. Ironic of sort, Malaysians abroad are truly ONE Malaysian, bond together by our love for our country.

    I have been living abroad for more than 20 years now. Nevertheless, Malaysia is still HOME to me. I'm still holding preciously my Malaysian passport, not giving up hope that one day, I will come home to the Malaysia that I once knew when I was young. Sure, we have a better lifestyle here but somehow sometihng is missing. Perhaps I missed that Malaysian feelings back home? Or those heavenly food in Malaysia? I'm telling you, snow is fun but the coldness can just damper your spirit if it lasts too long. Now you know why the Westerners "worship" the sun so much!

    And for the first time, this time I will fly home to vote. I hope many Malaysians abroad will do likewise. Let's give 'a hand' to give our fellow Malaysians back home a little hope.

    If we cannot get rid of our rotten govt comes this election, I will be back come each election - it's the least I could do for my beloved country.

  6. Uncle Hussien,

    My family and I moved over to Singapore more than 1 year ago. You are right, the first 12 months were tough as we try to settle down. The reason why we decided to move is because of our son. We want him to have a good education and most important of all, a decent future. And we dont see that happening in Malaysia.

    It took us only 2 months to obtain our PR status. This tells me that while other nations value skilled migration, Malaysia is the exact opposite. By taking in unskilled migrants, down the road in the future it is going to come back and haunt us as a nation.

    Anyway, we enjoy life now in Singapore. Its relatively crime free and the environment is way better. And if I miss our local nasi lemak, hokkien mee etc ... its just an hour away by flight.

  7. The similarity of Pak Hussein and RPK ends with their shared vision of a better Malaysia.

    Pak Hussein is focus. ABU period.

    RPK is fickle, and shoots in all directions. He can’t be sure to ABU or ABC, or whatever acronyms he borrows from Najib.

    When a house is on fire, it’s a matter of urgency to put it out. Everything else becomes secondary. Rebuilding is no longer a priority!

  8. I do not live in Malaysia.I kept renewing my Malaysian Passport for 21 years. Yes I was hoping of a change.But it never come.Now I still keep my expired Malaysian Passport for sentimental reason.Yes,love is a better word.Now it looks like there is a good chance for a new beginning in GE13.I hope the new future Govt will allow me to apply a new passport.Pity, I actually grow old waiting.

  9. Hussein,

    You should speak for yourself, there's no need to make excuses for RPK.
    You, perhaps, has no need for money, but RPK does, and there are those, in Malaysia, that have supported him, morally and even financially, when he was in dire straits.
    You did not give an interview to TV3 and NST, to hit at Anwar ibrahim, the most you did was use your blog and cast aspersions on Anwar, and sometimes you went beyond casting aspersions. That is fine, you are entitled to your opinions about Anwar, and the rest.
    You made Australia your choice of country to live in, you did not, unlike RPK, run away in the middle of the night.
    To put yourself in the same category as RPK, cannot be true.
    And that is my opinion.
    However, the one similarity between you and RPK, is that, both of you, and it applies to all those that are residing outside of Malaysia, seem to be braver, than those that are here.
    Condemning UMNO from where you, and RPK, are, doesn't need guts or courage, indeed, some would call it cowardice.
    RPK is a hired writer, and if you apply your mind to it, there is ample proof of that.
    Mere denials from RPK, isn't sufficient, when he does, and writes articles, to the contrary.
    There are some of us, me for example, that also have our own "intelligence gathering abilities", but I hesitate to reveal what I know, because it's of no use, as RPK is outside of the country, and he is untouchable. If he was here, I would not hesitate to shame him with what I know, and then, there would be several persons that would spit on him, if he was in Malaysia.
    Sir, you think that the SB would have allowed RPK's son to leave Malaysia and travel to the UK, if RPK had not made a deal with the SB, UMNO and BN. I am sure that you are not that naive.
    The former IGP and the present IGP, both say that they want to discuss Scotland Yard, and have RPK extradited to Malaysia.
    The IGP was in the UK recently, why didn't anyone ask the IGP if he did indeed discuss with Scotland Yard about having RPK extradited to Malaysia. Surely, going by past statements of the AG and the Police, he must have, otherwise we should ask, why not.
    When RPK was in Bangkok some time ago, the Govt sent a top level ACP and Malaysian Embassy officials to trap RPK into coming to the Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok. That is a fact, and that was said so by RPK himself.
    Now, why wasn't RPK enticed into the High Commissions' of both Australia and Singapore, when he gave the interviews to TV3 and NST?
    The UMNO repesentatives, as NST and TV3 are owned by UMNO, and RPK, literally had a party in Australia and Singapore.
    Why do you think that RPK was given the info about the former Chief Justice and UMNO's lawyer?
    It was deliberately given to RPK by some top UMNO people so that he can publish it, and now Tun Azmi and that hot shot lawyer can be made to compromise even further.
    That information means nothing to Pakatan, or the Malaysian public, as UMNO/BN has never been afraid of Pakatan or of the Malaysian public. But UMNO/BN is frightened of the various cliques within UMNO, and these cliques can cause more damage to UMNO/BN, than Pakatan ever can.
    Right now, you can bet that the various cliques in UMNO/BN, are using this info as a leverage to get more bargaining power for themselves. No one is going get into trouble as a result of this revelation, but there others' that will get their demands met.
    RPK has nothing to gain if Pakatan comes to power, as Pakatan will not pay him, as UMNO/BN is doing. Now why would RPK kill his paymaster?
    I do hope that I have got you, and your readers on the right track in applying your mind, to the right things.

    It's really not too difficult.

  10. Sir,

    If and only if the more than estimated two million who had left Malaysia is still in Malaysia and exercise their voting rights, the two-party system would be a reality sooner than later.

    You have left us here to struggle and put up the fights and brave the PDRM, FRU, MAAC, AG, Perkasa, TDM, BN etc. We now desperately need your help.

    So, all overseas citizens, please come back in droves and kill two birds with one stone. Visit your kampungs and ABU at the same time.

    Help your folks back in tanah air to have a better future.

  11. The Mahathir/Anwar partnership marginally drove non Malays out of the Senior Government post, took over the helms of GLC and appointed numskulls to run the corporate offices. look at the ratio of Non Malays in Government and GLC in 1980 and today. This is the crust of the issue, the displaced estate workforce are finding alternative means making ends meet and some retort to crime. Social unjust has driven the suspicion and ill will mainly due to political bigotry with leaders that have sold their souls to the devil.

  12. Sir,
    Be thankful you got a chance to live elsewhere. Here in Klang Valley, life is so hectic, work is so stressful, driving is such a frigging nightmare, and this country is a total goner. The situation is irreparable, beyond help. All aspects of our lives are lousy based on my expectations. You have no idea how expensive food is nowadays, shocking! Ask around, it's hard to survive - most people I see daily, struggling to live paycheck to paycheck. So many Bank Lelong papers stuck on lamp-posts - a property crash is imminent.

  13. Non pkr supporter,

    You don't have to assume I support pkr, or umno or what! We who live in this country have so many things to juggle, without having every self righteous Tom, dick and Harry telling us what to do. And these same Tom, dick and Harry will flip and flop and weave and slide and confuse the matter even further. So I will say it again, we don't need all you Tom, dick and harry

  14. To anon 2 00am......if you really have a lot more evidence with regards to RPK or whatever else about what is going on like what you imply.....there is no need to hide it.....why dont you just for once stop being a hypocrite? cos if you do you are nothing better than the rest of those ass licking Malaysian.

  15. Shuk, if you care to read my comment again, you'd notice that I have ALREADY provided sufficient examples for anyone to ask RPK to respond. If you can't understand, I would understand your dilemma, you don't sound like someone who would understand. Do ask someone who understands, to explain to you.
    Don't just comment without thinking.