Wednesday 29 February 2012

The Pakatan Rakyat we want!

There are three  Pakatan Rakyat.

First the Pakatan Rakyat that ‘won’ the 12th general election. This was the Pakatan Rakayat that was there at the right time and the right place to enable the voters to register a protest vote against BN. 

Next is the Pakatan Rakyat that exists now that can never win a general election to enable it to form government.

And the third is the Pakatan Rakyat that we aspire for. The Pakatan Rakyat that can win the 13th general election. This is the Pakatan Rakyat that is still a work in progress today. 

And those of you who are in Pakatan Rakyat… must try to see yourself as we the public see you!

We believe that PR meant well. We believe that PR is against corruption and is for open and accountable government. And that PR will ensure equal opportunity for all in Malaysia. But government today is not only about fighting corruption, or making 1Malayisa a reality and taking care of the poor and the underprivileged. We need a government to do all that but, more important, we need government for all – even those who are now aligned with BN. There are many of them. Too many to ignore!  And so PR must be a coalition that encompasses everyone in Malaysia. Only then can it be a government for Malaysians! 

And all this needs a new Pakatan Rakyat. A new way of doing things. A new vigour. A new commitment to the change that must come its way if it was to trump UMNO at the 13th general election. So that we can show to all who care to look, that this Pakatan Rakyat is different from the UMNO led Barisan Nasional.

Pakatan Rakyat must promise that  “power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many, not the few, where the rights we enjoy reflects the duties we owe, and where we live together, freely, in a spirit of solidarity, tolerance and respect” 

Statement of Value, Labour Party under Tony Blair.  

If we have that Pakatan Rakyat then that Pakatan Rakyat shall surely form government come the 13th general election!

The Pakatan Rakyat of today still lacks the totality of what we believers of ABU want! Of course it is better then the endemic corruption and the lack of good governance that Barisan Nasional has imposed upon us since Merdeka – but ‘better’ is not enough!

We want the aftermath of the 13th general election to be a period when we truly have a government for the people, by the people and of the people. I do not want my Prime Minister to knell before me in gratitude for voting his party into government. I want a Prime Minister to whom I will can give respect to because it is due. I want to look up to my Prime Minister as I had looked up to TUNKU many years ago – with reverence and a complete belief that he has my interest at heart. Not his party’s interest, not his children’s interest, not the interest of the people he plays cards with nor those he attends the races with  - but that he has the interest of his Rakyat at heart. That was how I thought of TUNKU. And I remembered the love I had for him as I knelt by his side after he died. I was one of those privileged to receive him when he was brought from the hospital where he died to the house at Kenny Hill before he was returned to his beloved state, Kedah. Even today I can only imagine how much he must have suffered from the treatment that Mahathir and his beloved UMNO had imposed upon him. For TUNKU only death brought relief from UMNO.If UMNO could do that to one of their own what do you think they care about us?  

Now whom amongst all you politicians will be deserving of that reverence from us all?   

Find that person quick PR. Find him/her before this hope within us is disappointed again. Find a leader that will sweep away the hatred that we felt for Mahathir. Find us someone that we will not  questioned as we had started to questioned Pak Lah as he allowed KJ to do more as he did less! Find us some one in whom we will not have the disgust and mistrust we now feel for Najib and his First Lady!

If you give us someone who can only do half of what we ask of them you will only get half our votes. If you have someone who can do all but still lack the affections that TUNKU had for us, then you will not get all our votes. No room for compromises, no time for anyone to grow into this person that we want and certainly do not allow ethnicity or gender to become a barrier to your choice as leader to PR. Chose wisely and we will follow. Anything less would never do.  



  1. Inspiring. Utopian, though. I doubt that it can be achieved from the look of things at still much flawed PR.

    Sure, we can't settle for second best, but can we afford not to do so?

  2. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step. That first step is ABU. I believe that once we make that first step, all will begin to fall in place. We are at a critical crossroad or rather do or die situation. We must not fail.

  3. We all know what Hussein wants. What he had been trying so hard to promote the kind of ABU he aspires we all to aspire. What he had tried to inspire, instill and imply that ABU he perspires his sweat so profusely to make his point all these while. WE UNDERSTOOD him well. And we say YES to him, we say we want that kind of ABU as much as he does and we hope ABU will materialise into that kind of ABU for this coming election. We've got it very clear that if we were to go for ABU, we must only go for Hussein's ABU and his ABU is the ABU minus Anwar and Azmin, because this is Hussein's yardstick of a clean ABU, without which there's no way to tell how a clean ABU looks like. Hussein wants us to buy an insurance before we buy ABU, not to trust it by mere words of ABU sellers but to trust it in their deeds that the insurance is that ABU minus those two donkeys!

    If Hussein's ABU comes of age by this PRU13, it's fine to us, BUT to me I don't give a damn what kind of ABU it will be, when comes PRU13, I will go for anything but UMNO/BN, even if that ABU is a summer made by just one sparrow!

  4. Pakatan might not be perfect yet, but it will do the job, Inshallah.
    A revolution must start first.A counter revolutionary is alway there in waiting.It is up to the rakyat to establish the revolution befor counter revolutionary forces sneak in. Refer "Napoleon" in the Animal Farm animation @ Youtube.

    Hey Pak Hussein. Where in Australia are you living.
    I often go to Perth where my daughter lives.
    Guddie mate.!

  5. Oh yeah right....

    If PR come to power, and there is a war with Iran, Wankmaster will be forced to support US.

    What then ?

    Malaysians pondans will be blown to smithereens.

    I hope you Bangsar fags will be 1st in line to defend your new king ?

    Or perhaps the terrorists might blow up your chow hai Bangsar itself.


  6. PKR is not perfect - no one is. But we can be sure that UMNO/BN will make a better opposition. Its obvious - they know practically every tricks to con the Rakyat and would put PR in check.

  7. I agree with pak yeh.....the first step is crucial...let's take that first step and hope that everything else will slowly but eventually fall into place ......if not anwar or azmin,we have kit siang,tokguru,Izah or whoever else for that matter....let them bicker for a while...I m sure they will come to their sense at last .....let's just ABU first.

  8. what bullshitters and cowards.

    Willing to let malaysians die so they can achieve their wank fantasies.

    No way Im going to vote for these sycophantic cowards.

    Fuck ABU


  9. Pak Yeh...I am in adelaide though Perth is my favourite city to live in. preach your gospel while I preach mine...though in all sincerity I pray that you will have more converts then me!

  10. The person that you described........I can't find anyone in BN that fits the bill. Need I say more ?

  11. Some suitable new Malaysians are out there like these are from Keadilan : Rafizi Ramli, Sim Tze Szin, Nik Nazmi, etc.

    Keadilan’s (and Malaysia’s) Shining Stars: