Thursday, 9 February 2012

When you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount!

I have wondered aloud before why Hata Wahari chose DAP over PKR to make his entry into politics. Hata suggested that I should listen to what he had to say in an interview that he did on Mobtv (

I did listen to the interview as suggested and I am sorry to say that at the end of the interview I had more questions then answers to the questions I asked.

As a journalist you will understand that those who chose to go into politics  - and joining DAP is going into politics – also chose to put their private and public life into the public domain. What you say, what you do and every facet of your life will have ramifications on the work that you intend to do in DAP. Do good and all will be good. I do not need to tell him what happens when you do not – and the sooner you understand this, the better it would be foryour political future – if there is to be a political future for you in DAP! 

I asked why you have chosen to join Dap when you have already spent time working as a Media Consultant to PKR Vice President Nurrul Izzah. What you had to say when you gave that interview on Mob TV is for public consumption – i.e what politicians say when they have to say the right things without revealing too much of the truth. I am part of the public but, like you, I too write – not for a living, not to any agenda nor for any vested interest but mine and mine alone!

You are free to join DAP or any political organization of your choice. But if asked why you chose to join DAP instead of PKR I expect you to give us an answer that does not challenge our mental capacity to discern whether you are telling the truth - in other words …you were quite economical with the truth!

Saudara berkata yang DAP di fitnah and as a responsible person you accept the responsibility to defend DAP against these accusations – accusation that DAP is chauvinistic, anti-Malay and racist  - that DAP is only for the Chinese.

DSAI has been accused of sodomy and PKR has been accused of being a clone of UMNO.PKR has also been accused of being a tightly run organization that caters only for the vested interest of DSAI and those close to him. From what you say of DAP I would presume that these accusation are true of PKR because if they were not true then by what you said of your reasons for joining DAP you would have stayed to defend PKR against these false accusations? Am I right in these assumptions?
You also insists that here is no difference between DAP, PAS and PKR – all one culture. They why DAP?

Yes for six months you kept a low profile. And your interest was to fight for freedom of the media. And as DAP is the worst hit with all sort of lies being hurled at it presumably by BN, you decided to wade in and help DAP. I would think that between Kit Siang, Karpal and Guan Eng they are capable of taking care of themselves  - with or without you!

You do not have to remind us that the Chairman of DAP Selangor is Mohd Nor – a Malay.  You indicated that you would like to ‘work’ in Johor as you are from Johor yourself. You mention Tanjung Pia where DAP’s representative is a Malay – and that he managed to secure twice the number of votes that the Chinese before him did manage to get. What sort of work do you intend to do in Johor? Surely not just write? I think while DSAI did failed to offer you ‘work’ DAP will not fail to find you ‘work’! 

Yes I agree that at this point of time there is no agreement YET between you and DAP for you to stand as their representative in the coming 13th general election – but in discussions between thinking men (and I would presume that you and DAP do fall within this category) these matters need not be discussed openly. It is implied. Just telling DAP that PKR had NOT offered you a seat to contest at the coming general election is akin to telling DAP that you want to stand for election as a DAP representative! Is that not so Hata?

In the flush of some fame that visited you when you left Utusan Malaysia it is too easy for you to begun to think that there are things you can and should do in national politics. DAP may think the same of you too but you will need to ask yourself very seriously if DAP needs your input as much as PKR needed it. I am sure PKR had need of your media expertise but only in as long as you did not have any ambitions of standing as its representative in the 13th GE. As you now know PKR does not walk the talk!

Your entry into the PKR ‘family’ through your work as Media Consultant to its Vice President, Nurrul Izzah, took you right into what is PKR innermost sanctuary.

In the time that you were with PKR I put it to you that you saw PKR for what it really is. A political organization in decline without the ability to rejuvenate itself because PKR is there to serve the vested interest of Anwar Ibrahim – not anyone else!

And that interest certainly does not include having you stand as one of PKR’s representative in the coming 13th general election nor you joining their first tier leadership circle, as you would have aspired to do.

In short you saw why Zaid Ibrahim left PKR and you decided to NOT be another Zaid Ibrahim and left a sinking ship before it sank.

Hata do what you must with DAP. I would like to think that we are all together in wanting UMNO out of government. But it would do your future in politics much good if you do not treat the public as UMNO treats theirs.

We read, we think and we decide for ourself what is right and what is wrong. You are just entering politics. Do it with the intention of making this once honourable vocation honourable again. And you should start by telling us the truth as to why you joined DAP. Only time will tell if you did the right in joining DAP.

It took you 16 years to know that Utusan Malaysia was not doing the right thing by you. In politics it will certainly take less time to know these things. I wish you every success with DAP (though I wish I could say Pakatan Rakyat!) and do believe me when I say that you have the best wishes of many of us to do well….but always remember that the best strategy when riding a dead horse is to dismount! You have done it once with PKR….I hope that DAP will not abuse the trust you have place in it!  Amen brother! 

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  1. It is not necessary to ask the questions that you are asking because since he had been at the inner sanctum of PKR, he would be privy to lots of observations, encounters, knowledge that no other person could have access to.

    His actions speaks volumes without having to utter even a single word.

    What he does would have told you volumes of how he perceived his ability to contribute and how well accepted his contributions would be.

    No doubt that Nurul needs him but when he cannot see himself being able to successfully assist from within the party, his next best option is to contribute within an environment which he feels his potentials would be welcomed with open arms.

    Sometimes, words are unnecessary because as the saying goes, actions speaks louder than words!

    Zaid had Hatta is confirming!