Thursday 9 February 2012

Change Najib with Anwar? No can do lah!

“Is the 13th general election going to see the end of UMNO?” so many of you have asked provoking those who are with UMNO to response with “UMNO demi kepentingan Melayu dan Islam!”

I would like to remind you that the 13th general election is not only about UMNO, the Malays or Islam. It is not about whether Najib or Anwar becomes Prime Minister. This general election is about us. About the people of Malaysia and who we will chose to govern us. We know what we want and what we do not want.  It is now a matter of electing the right people to represent us.

All the gutter politics, lurid tales of sex and sodomy, the abuse of executive powers and the tales of rampant corruption have certainly eclipsed all other consideration except the need for change! Change from what? Surely not just change from UMNO, from Najib or Barisan Nasional? Maybe it is us that also need to change!

The root cause of our problem is our acceptance of leaders who are flawed. This is a most dangerous state of affairs. It is like finding out that you have cancer but you delay going to the doctor for treatment for a few months because you want to see if the cancer will cure itself! Why do we accept leaders who are flawed? Do you think they will change for the better?

For this 13th general election many of you are prepared to put up with Najib or Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister in the mistaken belief that Najib will change for the better or Anwar Ibrahim will be a better Prime Minister then Najib!

If we do not do the right thing NOW for our country, we will have to put up with a government that we do not want for another five more years – and just as surely as cancer untreated will kill you, another five years with a flawed Prime Minister may prove fatal for our economy and for any hope of our people to come together as one under 1Malaysia!

The stakes could not be higher and the rewards greater!

You have been under Najib’s government for many years now. What have you had to put up with under him? The same corruption as under Mahathir and Pak Lah? The same abuse of executive powers by those appointed to high public office by his government? And in the past one-year we have had many promises for change in an attempt by Najib to instil the ‘feel good’ feelings on the population as we near the 13th general election. And of course we cannot ignore the ‘oomph’ that Rosmah has brought into the equation. In what he does Najib’s has demonstrated to us how shallow in thoughts and deeds he has been in his desperate attempt to win the election.

If you ask me how Anwar Ibrahim will fare as Prime Minister I suggest you look no further then the party election of PKR and see for yourself what PKR has become with him as their defacto leader. Do you want the same thing to happen to the government of our country if Anwar is Prime Minister?

How many of PKR’s elected representative has left? How many or PKR’s officials have left their party post in disgust and resign from the party? The latest ‘defection’ is Hata Wahari – a prized catch that was already within PKR’s camp and yet like many others, PKR’s loss is DAP’s gain! And Anwar Ibrahims morals, like Najib, are questionable. We do not want a Prime Minister whose CV includes “Twice on trial and acquitted of sodomy. Convicted of corruption!”

So think again my friends. At this election Najib and Anwar are powerless against us for we are armed with our votes. We have reached the tipping point in the history of our nation.  If all Najib and Anwar can offer us are themselves then I tell you that we deserve better than these two people.

Yes by all means demand for ABU but be careful that what you get is not another UMNO in mufti. Yes it is true that sometimes the devil we know is better then the devil we don’t – but would it not be better if we no longer have a devil for a leader?

So please saudara do not elect a leader who is flawed. Have the courage to discard the familiar. I know that we have no frame of reference from which to draw ideas and alternatives from because we have only known UMNO and Barisan Nasional since Merdeka but you have no choice but to try because real change, genuine change starts with good decent leaders.

And when it comes, it will certainly bring us the brand new Malaysia that we want! A Malaysia full of hope. A Malaysia I want to call home – my Malaysia, your Malaysia, our Malaysia – a Malaysia for all!


  1. I know you and RPK are now obsessed with getting rid of anwar. Well you won't succeed

  2. We will succeed with a leader without prior baggage, anonymous!

  3. I know Anwar is more better than any leaders in Umno. I am his relative. I feel amused when people comments about Anwar.All are not true about Anwar. You see whatever people condemn him, he takes it easy.Do you notice, did he whacks his rivals personally, not at all.That is good about him.Don't care about other people said about him. To be a good leader,please outlay you policies not personal attacks.

  4. So there are still people who want rosmah to go on her shopping sprees??

  5. Sang kancil, who doesn't have prior baggage

  6. You mean, a man who leaves his wife and children and marries someone else's wife is okay? You mean a man who condones his friend'sinfidlitey and protects him from murder charges is okay? You mean a woman who abandons her own children to go after a married mansothat she can spend his billions is okay? It is a strange world we live in

  7. We are already the laughing stock of the world and lagging behind previous 3rd world countries thanks largely to the antics of BN and their infernal quest to bury AI and AI cannot keep his oversexed d*ck out of the news!

    HH, RPK are only the tip of the iceberg of disgusted Malaysians who will not vote AI.

    AI as Jibby's successor? No thank you! There are plenty of young blood replacements smarter and cleaner than the tarnished man.

  8. Saudara,

    How to have the courage to discard the familiar when we are unable to see past race????!!

    I think Lim Guan Eng will make a brilliant PM, but unfortunately the reality with the malays is that they MUST have a fellow malay to be a PM. The malays would rather be screwed than see another someone who is better but from another race be PM.

    In Malaysia, we are still not out of the middle ages.

  9. If I have a choice, I would like PR to win and Tengku Razaleigh to be the PM.

  10. Once in a while I knock on your door and when opened I still see shit in your living room.
    You got no business promoting ABU.Get real bro. Either you are with Pakatan or you are not! If you are with Pakatan, it means AI, warts and all. I have repeated this to you many times but it is obvious you have a hidden agenda.
    Dont take us for fools.
    You are trying very hard to be in the payroll of bn/umno like rpk are ya? You cant old man; your IQ not as high as that smoothtalker.

  11. There in lies the problem of Malaysia.Since independence it has been all the time about "us". The political system is multi racial, the political positions in governmant is multi racial but the policies are all point and work in one dicrection i.e the NEP. The NEP may not be able to build a stable, viable and strong Malaysia. But a strong, viable and stable Malaysia will be more than able to achieve the policies set out in the NEP.

    In the 60s and 70s the Koreans, Taiwanese and Chinese were our peers. Today there are where they are. Very soon, 10 years from now, those countries in ASEAN, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia may be claiming a higer position than us.Not that "us" but 'us' as in all Malaysians.

    We must get away from the BUFU Politics(By Us For Us) if we are to compete in the regional and international market place.


  13. Ku Li was pulled off the fatal flight that saw to the disposal of BN's "show stoppers". He has been safely parked in cold storage and reminded ever so often how lucky he is to be alive no doubt. The UMNO puppet masters get a real kick watching him throw feeble kicks now and then. Ku Li for PM indeed!(snort!)

    AI dan rakan2 of old (ex-umno) will be the downfall of PR.

    Best scenario, AI acknowledges PKR's corruption, weeds out his cronies and elevates the younger replacements, wins votes for cleaning up corruption and just might have a chance at becoming PM.
    Worse scenario, PR drop PKR like a hot potato. PAS and DAP could forge an interesting 2 party alliance that ensures the cancer that is the UMNO culture imbedded in PKR is cut off.

    Push comes to shove, I am still voting ABU but giving AI and the tainted PKR a wide berth.

  14. Hello Anon 10.10pm,

    Jangan la guna 'chibai'. Mak ko tu pun ada chibai.

    So, please my friend, dont be a dim wit and use foul language. If you dont agree with Hussien, disagree with him. When you use foul language, you only embarrass yourself and your parents.

  15. I doesn't matter. Important to vote for change as it will show that people has power to make decision. U and RPK have ur own agenda. To me be constructive and help us to find better solutions. Slogans and dogmas are of no use: to be crude as Chairman Mao said "...'Your dogma is of less use than dog___.' Dog can fertilize fields and man's ___ can feed dogs. But dogmas? They can't fertilize fields and they can't feed dogs. What use are they?"

  16. Bro, I agree with you on your opinion of both Najib and Anwar. We know Najib's sniveling cowardice, lack-of-spine leadership and forked tongue hypocritical pontifications.
    We know Anwar's arrogance and hypocrisy when he was in power and his current main ambition to be PM.
    But we have no choice but to vote Anwar to hopefully have a fresh start for the nation.

  17. You do not even have enough space in a bus for Pakatan Rakyat leaders. Sad to say, for BN leaders there are still empty spaces in a taxi. If not Anwar, there are others !!!!

  18. Ehem Pak....actually "better a known devil than unknown angel" not known devil and unknown devil, anyway devil was angel too so if now Anwar is devil Anwar was an angel before he is a devil. Najib is a devil too but unlike Anwar, Najib was never an angel, Najib was a little devil who has matured into Satan.

    Ironically you called for ABU and yet dismissing Anwar. You know damn well that for PRU13, to go for ABU is to go for Anwar. It's not the matter that we want Anwar, it's just too bad that Anwar is ABU and ABU is Pakatan Rakyat and PR is ABU, not anything that the so called Third Force can offer in this very near future!

    And ironically Pak, Anwar and Najib are devils and between those two devils that this world can offer us, we better pick Anwar if you were to mean we don't falter this time to go for ABU. So Pak please stop faltering us!

  19. Hey Mr. Idealist, all politicians cannot be trusted, especially in a democracy. This is because politicians have to hook-wink the majority in order to get elected. The smart people in a democracy know that true power to the people means that they can change the leaders, even if they have to use one set of %^%$#! politicians to get rid of or replace another set of *&^%@#%! politicians! Repeatedly change the bastards if need be. The people depends on themselves. However, the system is such that they need at least a few bastards to occupy the hot seats at anyone time. That's why there are elections.

  20. Hi Bro Hussein,
    I fully agree with FMZam's comment. In priority, we need to change the current regime and PR is now the only option. The strongest contender in PR to be PM is Anwar, at least for now and for a fresh good start, a new beginning to go with. IF a non-Malay is permitted to fill the PM seat, it's going to be a different ball-game but I doubt a non-Malay PM will ever be realised at all as long as the racial tone of 'Ketuanan Melayu' is still deeply embedded in the skull of the majority of the Malays. Forget not that no one is invincible and a new leader will of course be in sight as the new govt runs. Anything But UMNO/BN (ABU)will still be any party among PKR, PAS and DAP within the coalition of PR. The most important task and objective now is to get rid of the current dirty evil govt. Once this is done, I'm sure everything will improve and will be positioned in its own right perspective in the sense that no one sane rakyat will ever want to see the dirt of UMNO/BN to be repeated again in the new govt. Otherwise, this new govt will in turn be kicked out by the rakyat.

  21. Many politicians who want to make money will realise they have to join UMNO. In UMNO, if you show yourself to be very anti Anwar Ibrahim, probably you will end up as a senator if you do not win the election, and that's your stepping stone to be at least a deputy minister.

  22. If you are asking us to neither elect Najib nor Anwar then who should we vote for?

    Najib is BN and Anwar is PR but I don't see any other 3rd party!

  23. Bro Hussein,

    I wonder if you actually understand the current reality of Malaysian politics. At this stage if you strive for ABU, it has to be PR, unless you think other smaller (and irrelevant) parties are capable of winning. And the three parties in PR had unanimously agreed that Anwar will be the PM if they win GE13. That means no one (at least for now) is capable of leading PR as a coalition, unless you think the leaders of the three parties are stupid for being convinced that Anwar can lead them.

    If you continue talking about Najib cannot be the PM and Anwar cannot be the PM, its like saying there's no point voting in the coming GE13. As good as maintaining status quo, Najib wins and ABU loses. Whilst you have the right to expect the best, we need to be practical.

    I had said this before. You may not like Anwar for whatever reasons you think you know and you think other people don't know about his morals on sodomy and conviction of corruption, we are not convinced of the sham trials that Anwar had gone through. Evidences produced and the manner the trials were conducted simply insulted our intelligence to say the least.

    As for PKR's elected representatives and PKR leaders who left the party "in disgust", who among them really have dignity, worth earning respect from us? By now we know they left PKR for personal gains. Being a new party (and of course with many useless ex-UMNO/BN opportunists), it was not unexpected. Even matured parties like PAS and DAP still have such people like Hee (in Perak) and Hassan Ali (in Selangor).

    For you to say that Hata Wahari is a "prized catch" and "PKR's loss is DAP's gain" is a bit too premature. With due respect to Hata, he is not a tested politician and God knows if he is a principled politician that we expect when faced with challenges. Had he joined PKR and later leaves for his personal gains, are going to put the blame on Anwar again?

    Finally I just have this to say... Let's get real. Vote PR to replace BN if we want to save the country. The performance of PR states thus far are much better than BN states in all aspects. And that's with Anwar as the leader of PR. If Anwar fails to be a good PM, I believe PR leaders from the three parties know how to deal with it.

  24. You know Mr. Hussein, only the Malays race: the civil service,army, navy, airforce,the police,the religious bodies,the illegals can make the change for a democratic government; and these are all Malays I shouldn't bring up this sentiment up, but it is the reality. They hold all the aces.

  25. One way to improve the country is to merge Southern Thailand, Brunei, Lingga and Bintan Islands, and Singapore with Malaysia. Then, let Lee Hsien Loong become the new Prime Minister.


  27. What is it you are really angry with, Hussein? If you feel Najib is the lesser evil, go with UMNO, its a democratic country, no one is forcing you to ABU or whatever. Some (hopefully many) feel that Pakatan with its imperfect leaders and sometimes wobbly coalition and at times naive policies, is trying its level best to correct what is wrong - that whether its the opposition or the govt, it has our interest as its objective. It might fail for all sorts of reasons but I and many others want to give it a try. Dont look down on the `type' of people you see in Pakatan. Put Mat Sabu in a suit, he'll be look as smart as the menteris in UMNO.

  28. The rest of the options will probably include abstaining which will probably ensure a BN win, what with the EC being in their camp.

    At the end of the day, there are only two choices, so make them well and vote. It's either BN or PR.

    The rest is just spin, hot air and hogwash.

  29. How I wish this PR coalition is without PKR with the exception of Nurul of course but the reality is it's either the rotten BN or the fragile PR with the almost equally bad PKR that PR has to carry........but let's do an ABU first and we will deal with Anwar and the rest when Putrajaya is with us.I know it's easier said than done but choice is not a luxury right now.

  30. Aaahhh, GE definitely round the corner. Otherwise, why would the handlers be so busy bushwacking their puppets into action? RPK's working overtime and so are you. DSAI is BN's public enemy no: 1, no two hoots about it. Nuking him is BN's game. Some from the front, many from the back. Others from the top, the unseen also coming from below.
    But is there any one out there who is stronger than the Karate Kid? DSAI came back stronger after his black eye. DSAI came back more resolute after his near death. Now the other side is at their wits end. My dream shall come true.
    Malaysia, take a bow. DSAI shall mount Putrajaya. Yes, the word is MOUNT, his detractors should know it too well!!!!

  31. brader hossein bangang-god will give the sufferer ie AI to be PM-he had suffered enough and he will be rewarded-mark my words! and brader hossein bangang-u will cabut elsewhere-maybe to hell!

  32. sein n fmzam,bila dsai berjaya jadi pm very soon aku nak tengok kau orang punya blog2 memuji dsai,kalau tidak susah kau dua orang cari makan.kau dua orang melayu bangang dan kuat mengumpat-tak payah sembayang dan puasa-tempat kau dineraka jahanam,

  33. brader hossein bersama fmzam-kedua2 melayu bangang.kalau nak tahu dsai ramai penyokokng atau sabaliknya sila tengok tube Mediarakyat dan kau tahu siapa dia dsai.

  34. No matter how bad is Pakatan Rakyat or how bad is Anwar, it is still better than UMNO and Najib who paid RM500 million to a company owned by Razak Baginda.

    Patakan is still better than BeEnd no matter how bad is Patakan.

    We look at Penang and Selangor states, they are better governed than BeEnd.

    Look at Kedah, we (our family and friends) still Pakatan is better than BeEnd especially MCA and Gerakan.

    By the way we are in Kedah and we are non Malay but we would vote for PAS or Pakatan because alcohol is highly carcinogenic. MCA is supporting non Malay to drink much alcohol until you are drunk and could not see. Yes, could not see their corruption and incapability.

    Above 60% of debt? You are incapable to maanage a big company like Malaysia. I do not prefer them (BeEnd). I would have to fire the appointed MD (UMNO) and those managers (MCA, MIC, Gerakan, Parti Bersatu Bumiputra Sarawak, etc.)

  35. hi Alls,

    Frankly, I dont care who is gonna be PM,line up of cabinet, party that controls the Parliment, or states that will fall into either Pakatan Rakyat or BN neither what race to lead this country. My concerns are as follow:

    1. Will my kids and future generations able to have good life after me;
    2. Will my next generation able to have good education later;
    3. Will my next generation able to live up their life better than me, enjoy their own life;
    4. Will my next generation able to have good health care, housing, vehicle, water and power;

    Even current situation we have to live up our to max with limited incomes, which sufficient by end month. What about those are living below par or average poverty..?

    Hence, you need to decide now or too late to realize that you were late to decide it beforehand..

    think about it, make up your mind and decide upfront before the election coming soon..

    I dont care whose gonna win the election, but do take care the RAKYAT..!!!!!

    Syukur only to GOD, never to the Government or individual..!!