Sunday 12 February 2012

ABU : I will listen to you. Will you listen to me?

The delightful distractions of high public office and those in government, state or federal, are the preferred options of a number of our political leaders from all political divides. Not for them the onerous burden of serving the Rakyat nor do they have the discipline to do their duty to King and country. For them the good life of wine, women and song beckons. For them high public office is the means to make the good life of wine, women and song their own. The getting of material wealth takes precedence over the getting of wisdom to serve as wakil rakyat!

And this is the life most of us do aspire to live too! Do we not? A Mansion for a house. The latest Beemer or Mercs in the garage. Shopping and holidays in Europe, London or New York. An inexhaustible supply of cash in the bank! And the delightful distractions of a La Dolce Vita life style lived away from the Rakyat and your family!

We humans find it difficult to overcome our animal instincts to be the alpha male/female. In my living memory the two Tun Ismails (DPM and Bank Negara), Tan Chee Koon, Hussein Onn and possibly one or two others – I would need no more then the fingers on my right hand – could I count those Malaysian who have been able to overcome these instincts. Today…..none! What a damming indictment of what we have become!

I started today thinking what I should write to make us understand that there is a right way and a wrong way to do the things we do. While we all have our priorities in life the 13th general elections occupies our minds constantly because who forms the government after this general election will make a big difference to our future.

But how do we start to build a future that we aspire to –one that is different to this oppressive and stifling Malaysia that we now live in? How do we rid ourself of this BN government that is sucking the very life out of our people through its abuse of the political power we ourselves conferred upon them?

We must start clean. We must start with good decent people who will have our interest in mind. We must start with honesty. We are now building the foundation of our future. There must be no compromise to ensure that we do it right. If we get it wrong from the very beginning then we will never get it right ever.

Because we have endured so many abuses by this corrupt BN government many of you have come to the conclusion that we must have change at any costs. Change this bloody BN government first because anything will be better then a BN government. You are all confident that once change has been effected you will ensure that who ever is in government will do as you want them to do – govern this country in a responsible and accountable manner. Let me remind you of the reality.

We elected this BN government into power. We allowed them to be in power for 53 years. And it is only at this 13th general election that we are hoping to change them? Change them with what?

Who amongst you can tell me that you can tell any Prime Minister of this country how to govern this country?

That is the reality.

Do not talk about having an honest IGP or a Police Inspector that will do the right thing by you. You are even powerless to prevent a Traffic Cop from making his ‘duit kopi’ from you everyday of the week day in and day out!

Do you understand that once these bastards are in power you are of no significance to them until the next general election? And before the next general election comes there will be enough time for them to do what they will to ensure that they have their way with us. And who will stand in their way to stop them from doing this? Petra? Bersih? Steadyaku47? The Third Force? Mahasiswa? HUH!

Just look at us now! The most potent force against this BN government is Pakatan Rakyat with DAP, PAS and PKR all aligned against a corrupt BN government – true? Betul? Ya betul…..and how has this BN government dealt with this potential threat from PR? Macham kita tepis lalat!

This is why we need to start without any compromises because once we are prepared to accept a less then perfect leader then we are telling him that we will accept a less then perfect government. And where will that lead us to?

Look at the foundation upon which PKR has been built upon. In their haste to get candidates for the 2008 elections they compromised the selection process. Yes PKR did win the most seats in PR. Yes we denied BN their two-thirds majority. Yes we gave BN hell …but what now?

What is PKR today? A shell of what it was after its triumph at the 12th general election! As bitter a reality as it is for us to accept – PKR has failed us just as it failed itself because it made too many compromises at the very beginning and this compromises became PKR’s way of dealing with anything that came their way.

If we have learnt any lesson from this PKR debacle then when do we to start to change our way of doing things?

You and I will agree that we have never ever been in a better position to make change possible then with this coming 13th general election – so why are we not getting things right on this side of the political divide? Why is BN still lord of all that they survey?

The simple fact is this. We who want change have not been able to get our act together. When I say “WE” I mean our leaders - not only those in Pakatan Rakyat but each and every one of you that can make a difference to what the opposition is – we have all not got our act together!

This is so because we do not have common values. What is right to you is wrong to me. What is acceptable to some is not acceptable to others. It is not a matter of whether you want a Chinese or Malay as your leader – it is a matter of choosing a leader that will be right to lead us.

To have the right leader you need the most basic of values first! We need to trust a leader and we need to be able to depend on that leader to do the right thing by us. Without these two basic requirements then that person you chose can never lead. And if he leads where will he leads us to?

In Pakatan Rakyat the first tier leaders are already from three families – Anwar’s, Kit Siang's and Karpal – and Tok Guru’s son now seems to be heading the same way too. Is this not the nepotism that we accuse UMNO of practising? Or are these leaders in Pakatan Rakyat deserving of their position in the party?

We need to ask ourselves what we want in a leader! Because once in power the Prime Minister of Malaysia is not
some one you or I will be able to go to ask to behave if he decides to misbehave. Do not delude yourself that we the people are in charge! Yes we can vote them out – but only when it is election time.

What happens in between the time they get elected in and when they get elected out…if we can elect them out – is what we should worry about!

You have seen how the election commissions works with the BN government to keep them in office. You have seen what Pakatan Rakyat leaders have done to try and stay in office too in the state they control – successful or not is another matter.

And so to me the only way we can get things right is to make sure that we start right. If we do this then maybe we will have the right leaders to start with and with these leaders we will have the right government doing the right thing for the people of this nation.

I am not convinced that we should accept second best to give ABU a better chance to succeed. It will be an insult to the intelligence of those that support ABU to think that they will accept flawed leaders – because is that not the very reasons they want UMNO out? I cannot agree that if I support ABU then I must accept it warts and all.

Let us make Abu in the image that it was conceived for. It is a rallying point to gather all parties that wants to oust UMNO –and by extension BN. It is an intangible force that must gather momentum now as the 13th general election nears. Let is be a force for good, a force for decent and responsible behaviour and let there be no room for opportunism or questionable values - even if these values can advance our cause in the short term. What matters are long-term gains that are permanent and good for our country. Anything else we can do without.

Because ABU belongs to all of us it is us that will decide where ABU goes. For now we have already agreed to disagree as to who will lead us. And I am sure there will be other issues that will be debated and argued upon.

But ABU is all of us and I know that they will come a time when somehow, by common consensus, the majority of us will decide what is the right way and what is the wrong way for us to move forwards. I hope that when that happens we will have the wisdom to know that it has been decided –then put our differences away and move forward as one towards ABU. Until then let us bicker and disagree in the spirit of give and take because as in every important issue, conflict exists.

For now we are all agreed on ABU! Now what do we have to do to make ABU a reality? To start with let us recognize the elephant that is in the room – Anwar Ibrahim. I have put in my two cents worth on this guy. I have worked for over two years on my blog in support of this guy....until, like so many others, I became another one of those who now know him for what he really is! And I said enough is enough. He is not fit to be our PM!  

I do it not with the intentions of giving UMNO an advantage over what we want to do.

Not with the intentions of weakening your resolve to make ABU a reality.

I do so with the intention of what I think is the right thing to do. And that is to start our ABU campaign in the right manner, with the right leaders and for the right reasons. If what I do makes ABU falters –then let it falter for the right reason – and that is to rid our ABU campaign of anything that could later harm it. I will listen to what others will have to say on this but in return I ask that you do listen to what I say here.



  1. PR may be the most potent force, in Malaya, however in Sabah and Sarawak, it is a different monster. In Sabah, PR must come to a concrete agreement with Star and SAPP to challenge BN on a ONE to ONE.

  2. That is the most sensible opinion I have read over the past few months.

    If you elect someone with the UMNO culture and whose pockets are quite empty, he or she will in 5 years of office, be able to outperform the current UMNO Putras is terms of siphoning millions to their hip pockets.

    Not forgetting the recent PKR elections in which fraud was alleged, and numerous complains fell on deaf eyes. Who willl guarantee that the same fraud will not take place in 14th GE for these corrupted politicians to remain in power ....just like the current UMNO rogues

    So there should no selecting a PM with a grossly tainted history and whose sole aim to become the PM , and who has no workable plan to improve the well being of the rakyat.

  3. PKR-the Malays are from umno,the Chinese are from mca and gerakan,the Indians,we all know where they are from....the BN culture they carry when they left BN is massive,the corrupt culture,the bodek culture and all the rotten things that they practice within with all that as a baggage,how can we expect them to even think of values,honesty,transparency and until they themselves realize that they are not in that group ,all we can do is hope that they change,otherwise the rakyats will have to make do with my advise to PKR,be it leaders or supporters,if you can got your act right,together with PAS and DAP,we can do a real ABU and be rid of the rotten BN once and for all.

  4. Those who don't or do agree that Anwar will be the PM when PR win GE13 are dreamers and pure spinners.

    There's nothing you can do about it.

    Unless after GE13, you move for a Presidential Elections like the US which even some Americans don't like.

    So it boils down to stupidity and personal spin.

    The PR leaders will decide who will be PM. Just like the Ozzies, there's nothing you can do about it except make a dung fool of yourself!

  5. Bro Sein, I agreed with you that starting right is important but you must remember in the context of Malaysian politics, with the present BN gom in power for more than 1/2 century, it is difficult to find good people joining the alternative parties (why should it always be opposition parties). Not many are as committed as the Lim are in their ideology and are willing to face persecution to remain steadfast in their belief, even RPK had change his stance.
    The main thrust of ABU is to break the psychology barrier of the rakyat and show the corrupted BN YB that we the rakyat has the power to decide and please don't take us to be a fool.
    Presently may Malaysians especially the older generation seem to believe that UMNO is ALLAH send and should not be questioned even when murders are committed. Another segment of the older generation Malaysian is always reminded what will happen if UMNO lose hence you see the psychology barrier must be broken and politician allow to flourish with out fear or favor, then we will talk of meritocracy of politicians.

  6. hei! Bachin, there you go again.I know what you are. we came fromthe same school.Your back ground is crystal clear. Your stomach has to come first. Mahathir has gone, Pak lah no longer care about you. So was Najib.,from antiAnuar you lick your saliva and become pro-Anuar and start steadyaku47 hoping to ride on it when it is ripeto exploit it.The time is now ripe.You are thrown with opportunity. Najib needs mercenery cybertroopers. Millions of ringgit are being splashed.Howmuch falls on your lap Bachin.Sudah lah! Insaf lah .Percaya dab kembali lah kapada Allah

  7. What shit is this ABU if you made it complicated then better stop calling for ABU until ABU is cleansed. Now will you listen to us and tell us how would we give our vote to ABU when on the polling day ABU is still uncleansed and PKR is still Anwar's? There are more dirty pile-ups in UMNO/BN than in PKR/Pakatan, that's what you've been telling us all along. Why can't you listen to us that if we wait for a clean ABU to come, that ABU will remain as ASHES of your bones Pak!

  8. Sir,

    I am willing to give ABU a chance. Perfection is not what I am looking for. It is a viable two-party system that will launch Malaysia into a brighter future.

    DSAI, for all his flaws, will get my conditional blessing for 5 years. Buruk-buruk DSAI, teruk lagi TDM and Pink Lips combined.

    So let ABU be the turning point and we will take it from there. No pain, no gain.

    Hidup PR.

  9. The article in a way answers it's own question:

    Pr = just as nepotistic as BN, Fg losers.

    Thus the only way we can move forward is to have everything NEW from scratch - we need to destroy both PR and BN.

    That is exactly what they don't want us to know cause this is the root cause of all our problems.

    Leaders coming from the same yuppie pondan pile of gutless shits whether you label it BN or PR - all the same bullshit.

    ABU = ABPR also.

    SPOIL the vote


  10. Dream on, if anyone thinks we can get the perfect party with perfect leaders to take over from Umno. Even if we can put together such an ideal organisation, it does not mean the voters will vote wholeheartedly for it, for different reasons.

    I have come across politician wannabes who prepared by studying politics, relevant languages and even taking part in party activities but could not get past selection stage! Having gone past this and stood for election, but did not get elected. Dr. Syed Husin Ali is a good example of someone who is an ideal candidate but never got elected after several attempts.

    I would support even those who are less than perfect but had served a jail sentence after an unfair trial. How many of us had this as a credential for standing up for something?

    PKR has its shortcomings being a young party. They bit off more than they could chew by putting up some candidates who were either not as qualified over others who were, or who lacked commitment and were easily entrapped and bought over. But who could have foreseen such events unless put to the real tests? How would you test a person's ability to withstand temptations?

    For all it shortcomings, Pakatan has proven its worth by being a viable alternative to BN. Even if it failed at taking over, what we have seen so far, its very existence has caused BN to be more careful. The fact that BN had proven to be arrogant in carrying out projects for their own benefit despite having PR, just imagine how our country would be run without a strong opposition!

  11. As always, a great piece coming from you, Pak Hamid. We should not accept ABU "Carte Blanche" and although we are aligned with PR, we are by no means their mindless minions.

    Sad to say if ABU succeed, most would compromise to have Anwar as the PM. Is this the case of "The ends justify the means" or " Lesser of two evils"?

    I hope PAS and DAP will prove to be a stronger and more vocal partners to rein in Anwar.

  12. Perfect ?

    Lanchiew, we would take relatively non corrupt and candidates who are actually qualified to be leaders.


  13. malaysians do have a choice in GE 13- coffee or tea. CHOOSE WISELY MALAYSIANS

  14. Yeah talk about money, who doesn't need it especially if you are sitting on foreign soil and squatting in your childs comfort home, using his computer and tele...but how long can your child support you when his children start to grow and need all the help papa can give and thats where mama will spill her beans at every available oppurtunity that will sack an old man from the comfort house of the daughter in law or son in law.
    Guess, then its time to sell your backside,that is,provided if you have a good one, if not then the next wise thing to do is to sell your soul. even though it may have been against your principles b4, but there is no other 'jalan' left, so sell your poor soul. The world knows that in Malaysia there is a great need for 'Cyber troopers' currently employed by the strongest party on this earth. Well, if you can't beat them join them, sell your soul if your backside 'tak laku' and thats the best deal available, so consider SOLD. Whatever it is, remember Allah hates people who 'fitnah'.

  15. if there is a 3rd choice, pls let it be known. if not, between the 2, my decision is made. certainly its ABU

  16. Stupid childish coward reply that attributes everything non supportive of PR as " UMNO cyber gang "

    Lanchiew ler.

    PR is shit so is BN.

    Get that through your thick Bangsar skull


  17. There is a world of difference between nepotism within the opposition and that within BN.

    I liken it to a food stall operator who needs the help of his children to help run the business, and a patriarch of a big corporation who cajoles his children to be board members with all the luxurious perks.

    When Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh were struggling with DAP, they were fortunate that their children were just as interested in fighting for justice and good governance. Both veterans went through hard times when people were afraid to support, as well as periods of detention; yet their children were not deterred.

    Now, we are fortunate to be able to see LKS's son achieved greater success which eluded him in Penang and even becomes its CM. That he was jailed before made it all the more eventful. Both of KS's sons become MP and ADUN. Did they abuse their power in the context of nepotism which conjures objectionable favouritism? The only fault seems to be in the selection of their children as candidates for election. Who elected them? I am sure if any of them were hopelessly dependent on his father's influence, he would not be elected.

    On the other hand, we have seen enough of BN's nepotism which exhibited excesses in enrichment within favoured families to become super rich. Unless and until Pakatan takes over and exhibits the same, it is best to give them a chance to prove that they can act according to what they preach, otherwise the voters will throw them out.

    We have seen how Anwar was and is still being persecuted and his family suffered as a result. Yet, Tun Dr. Mahathir (sorry is the hardest word) is still as spiteful. Just imagine how unsettling it can be to a family while those in BN bask in glory and luxury.

    If people still cannot tell the difference between the two types of nepotism, then I failed in trying to explain.

  18. LOL

    no amount of bangsar type English BS is going to wipe it away.

    nepotism IS nepotism, F**k the food stall bullshit.

    Tell you what boy, at the GE08m you put a money on the ballot and people would still vote for them, never mind the hyped up, spoilt sons and daughters of sumbag politicians.



  19. Thanks KoSong Cafe for your two enlighting postings.

    My question to Pak Hussein is, is there such a thing as a perfect world? Yes it is our dream to have a country free from corrupt practices. It is also our dream to have a new government as clean as a white tissue paper. But in any groups, society, organisations and what more political parties there tend to exist bad people, hypocrites. Even satans exist in Mekah. The question is what's the magnitude of the problems and how are they being dealt with between the choices that we have i.e. BN and PR.

    You said you do it not with the intentions of giving UMNO an advantage over what we want to do. Not with the intentions of weakening our resolve to make ABU a reality. But realise it or not, by sending a message to wait for a 100% problem free alternative, that's what you are actually doing i.e. giving UMNO an advantage and weakening our resolve to make ABU a reality.

    Going by the manner you put it, whichever way we go is not going to help. There is totally no hope for a better Malaysia. Not at least in the coming GE13. We need to put Nurul as the leader because she is the cleanest among all which may take another 2-3 PRUs to succeed. And if she fumbles along the way probably we wait for Nurul's son/daughter which may take another 5-6 PRUs and the waiting will go on and on.

    Pak Hussein, I wish to see in your next posting your thoughts as to how we should move on in this war to end the corrupt UMNO/BN regime which is taking us to the drain and probably how to handle the less than perfect alternative when they are in power. A practical one that is, not rhetoric.

  20. I hate people who ask " wahhh, how do I do this, how do i do that "

    WTF, you're an adult go figure yourself.

    I'm sure you think you are quite the man when you pump your ugly wife like one other bald ugly fart.

    Thus if you so clever why need someone to advise you ??

    hypocritical BS.

    The situation is like this: Vote for BN - bad.

    vote for PR - Extremely bad

    Keep the SQ for another 4 years and see what happens.

    BN will still be scared and PR will have to worked their lazy asses off to show if they can really govern or if they are just a bunch wannabe whore mongers

    edit: " at the GE08m you put monkies on the ballot and people would still vote for them so long as they are not UMNO "

    Jeff Ooi HAHAHAHAHA !


  21. Very idealistic and very dreamy ... Martin Luther King's " I HAVE A DREAM ! "
    Tell me ... when caught between the DEVIL and the DEEP BLUE SEA, what would your decision be ? You have to make a choice. In Malaysians' case , it is the choice of the lesser of 2 evils? You sound like you want malaysians to rechose,go backto BN/UMNO for their "experience" in "governance".You come across to me as trying to dissuade Malaysians from choosing PR...but offering NO other choice but an "experienced" BN/UMNO

  22. If that was to me then:

    Fk the devil and the sea.

    You answered your own question - lesser of 2 evils is the better choice - obviously.

    If PR come in, we kiss good bye to the Chinese AND yes AND the Malay-Muslim way of life.

    The prostitute worshipping ways of his wankness DSAI is but a sign things to come should PR ever get in.

    ASR ha ha ha

  23. I AGREE WITH YOU ANWAR IS NOT SUITABLE TO BE PM... what others say is immaterial and what you see and experience is for you to decide....PERIOD.