Tuesday 7 August 2012


Recently this Janji Ditepati jingle from UMNO brought about this sms supposedly from Samy the Velu though I think it would have been more appropriate if it came from "Cepat Chapati".

Dato Seri Samy Vellu” said “wife complaints I never do any work so I promised to cook dinner. She was surprised when I cooked capati and kept my promise. Janji Dicapati.

Allow me to share this sms that we all must have read send by God knows who, at just about the time that Pakatan Rakyat was trying to find their way into Selangor in the aftermath of the 12th general election! No prizes for guessing who they are looking for!

"Sesiapa ada terjumpa seorang rakyat Selangor, rambut putih, belagak handsom, bangsa jawa, rendah2, sila hubungi Balai Polis berhampiran. Kunci pejabat MB ada kat dia"

I still think that the second sms about the "berlagak handsom" Jawa is more hilarious then the first one! Any one else care to send us their rib tickling UMNO related sms? 

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    "Who the hell is Najib?" he asked