Friday 24 August 2012



A thief is a thief whether in Penang or Mecca! A thief is a thief whether you are a drug addict looking for money to get your next fix or if you are an official from the Muslim Religious Affairs Department!

And the officials from the Religious Affairs Department who steal human remains from the custody of their love one even as they grieve for their loss are the worse of the lot!

And like thieves everywhere they steal without regard for the consequences of their act. What is contemptible is that these thieves of human remains are Muslim Religious Affairs Department Officials – this time in Penang. They steal in the name of Islam!

Is it not enough that we see Muslims calling out Allahu Akbar (a phrase, called Takbir in Arabic, meaning "God is greater" or "God is the greatest") as they go into battle with each other to kill each other? Muslims killing other Muslims! They shout ALLAHU AKBAR as they detonate IED (improvised explosive devices) and fire off mortars and missiles at their enemies  - Muslims and infidels -  in the many wars Muslims fight across the globe in the name of Islam or whatever vested interest these Muslims fight for!

In Malaysia no less a personage then our Prime Minister also declares that everything his government do is in the name of Islam and as required by Islam. 

Is it not enough that Muslims are ridicule for marrying more then one wife even as they insist that Islam allows them to do so. Yes these Muslims are quick to invoke the name of ALLAH in finding reasons for their own folly but not to quick to follow the strictures and principles of ALLAH that requires for them to be good, decent and caring husbands as required by Islam. 

And now this taking away of human remains from grieving loves one all done, again, in the name of ALLAH and Islam!

Why is it that it is always Muslims that seems to do these things that transcends religion and decency and allows the world and other religion to point fingers at Muslims for being without much consideration for others in doing their duty to ALLAH? And if you turn at me in anger for saying this then ask yourself this: What you would do if, in your moment of grief over the loss of your loved ones, your loved one is snatched away by Religious Officials doing their duty, so they say, in the name of Islam? You do that to me and as GOD is my witness, I will not hesitate to do what I need to do to prevent you from doing your duty!

But always it would seem that these little Napoleonic Islam Religious Officials snatch these human remains from families that are unable to do anything to fight back because the Police are there to maintain law and order!

As the Police are there to maintain Law and Order by whacking our people senseless at Bersih Rallies!

These Religious Affair officials takes their cue from this Barisan Nasional government and use might and force in their ghoulish work: their might supposedly from Islam and their force from PDRM - to once again impose upon the people of our nation their odious duty of snatching human remains from grieving families in the name of Islam without regard for decency and common sense!

But then when have common sense prevail when those in power in Malaysia carry out their duties in the name of Religion, Politics or Law and Order?

Good Muslim everywhere in this nation must say enough is enough to these crusading idiots in the Islamic Religious Affairs Department. They go about doing their duties in the name of ALLAH and Islam but have the finesse of a Bull in a China shop and the brains of a Baboon in heat when they are discharging their duties.

Breaking their way into the privacy of consenting adults to arrest them for khalwat will be more effective as an example and deterrent to other Muslims if these zealous Religious Officials starts with a few Muslims who are head of Islam in their state.  Start with the Sultans and then work their way down to a few Ministers in the Cabinet and then other rich and famous Muslims and then only way down in the pecking order to other Muslims!

Or is the prospect of taking in a Sultan or two for Khalwat seems to be a bit too overwhelming? I can assure these Religious Officials that a Sultan caught with his pants down engaging in Khalwat reacts the same way as any other Muslims – embarrassed, scared shitless of being exposed as a philandering husband who is also technically head of Islam in their state (whichever is more important to that Sultan) and after a suitable interval maybe even have the presence of mind to be very very angry at being interrupted while in sexual congress…as anybody else will be!

Anyway I do not intend to make light of a serious matter that concerns Islam and the manner that Islam is being politicised. This UMNO led Barisan Nasional government has seen it fit to allow these Religious Department Officials to go about their duties without regard for the human suffering they inflict upon grieving families whist doing their so called duty to bury dubious Muslims as Muslims. 

UMNO may see it fit to allow them to do so for the same reason as they have seen it fit to turn a blind eye when PDRM murder our people who are in their custody. They allow PDRM to murder suspect in their custody to show that UMNO is tough on law and order (huh!). They allow these religious officials to snatch human remains because UMNO wants to keep the flag flying and show the Muslims in Malaysia that they are the real Muslims no matter what they have to do – even cane Kartika for drinking beer! Well we know now what happened to Kartika.

Let me talk to Barisan Nasional in the manner they know best.

Woi Najib….you are losing a lot of votes from familles that are pissed off at you for allowing these Religious Officials to keep snatching human remains from grieving families! If you still want to try and get a decent showing at this coming 13th general election you better stop this idiotic and barbaric practice – even if these Religious Department Officials tells you that you will rot in hell if you do so…why worry… you are already heading there even as you breath today!  

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  1. Islam is being exploited to the brim by the hypocrites Muslim in this stupid Bolihland.....when it comes to Islam,all common sense is ignored.....all because those who was entrust with the duty to impose the so called Islamic decree is a bunch of corrupt idiotic hypocrite without the slightest understanding of the Quran......just KAYU followers.