Tuesday 7 August 2012


Aisehman…fair is fair lah! Rosmah buy handbag you whack her. Najib want to buy ring for Rosmah you whack her and you whack Najib. She calls herself FLOM everybody whack her! And now she goes to London to support our badminton team going for Gold and this Petra guy go and tell us all that anybody else can go to London and support our badminton team! Anybody but Rosmah! Aisehman where got road? She goes salah and she don’t go also salah! Reminds me of that R. Azmi  song “Serba Salah” which I am sure even Najib sings to himself once in a while during his shower! 

Come on lah give her some slack! Have none of you heard the Malay saying : Minum sambil meyelam… drink some water as you dive into the water!  So what is wrong about Rosmah going to London to support our Badminton team and doing a little shopping at Harrods before coming back to KL? Or maybe even a stop at Paris or Milan ma…minum sambil meyelam ma!

Only problem is that nobody told Rosmah not to minum if she dives into the sea! Water salty ma! So cannot drink lah! 

And how dare anybody ask who pay for the trip! Rosmah sure can afford to pay first class fare anywhere she wants to go! Even Kazakstan! But she FLOM ma…how can our government allow the country FLOM to pay for her own fare when she is going to support the Malaysian Badminton team? And she is the Patron some more! Aiyah mesti malu lah if people find out that our FLOM has to pay for her own fare when she goes to support the National team of which she is Patron of! Whether she deserves to be patron or whether we want her to be patron of the national badminton team is not the question. If any of you feel so strongly against having Rosmah as patron of the badminton team then you have only one option: ABU – no Najib means no Rosmah! I know it is a bit drastic to oust a sitting government just because of Rosmah but if any one else can suggest anything else please do so! 

Now some pro-Pakatan Rakyat portals and some irresponsible bloggers (of which this blogger is NOT one ..ahem!!) have gone so far as to blame Rosmah for Chong Wei inability to win Gold because Rosmah stressed him out! Come on lah…I can believe that Rosmah may stressed Najib but Chong Wei no lah…. but then if Rosmah can stress out the Prime Minister who is Chong Wei compared to the Prime Minister of Malaysia? I am still not sure about this because if we believe this then are we to believe that Rosmah antics can affect the outcome of this 13th general elections? Impossible lah! It is like saying that Nurul Izzah can overcome Sharizat in Lembah Pantai at the 12th general election!....opps somebody just reminded me that Nurrul did win in Lembah Pantai in the last general election….sorry guys!  

Anyway I digress. On behalf of the people of Malaysia I want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Rosmah for taking the trouble to go to London to support our Badminton team at the Olympics. Let none of you dare to suggest that she was there for any other reason than that!

  • She was not there for the Olympics.
  • She was not there to do any Hari Raya shopping.
  • By being in London during the Fasting month it is a sacrifice for her – it is summer and you fast for a longer period because the days are longer!
  • It is not because London showcases a host of renowned British designers, producing unique brands and setting worldwide trends.None of the above!
Remember Rosmah is at an age when you start to think about such things as “sembahyang lah anda sebelum anda di sembahyang”...i.e. past 60 lah!

Anyway she really cannot win. Just read what PAS Dzulkefly Ahmad said about her:

"If it had been at her own expense, then that's up to her as long as she didn't add to Chong Wei's stress. If it was on public money and given the historical records of her habits of being a 'free-loader', she should be more circumspect,"

Well que sera sera! Just this once I am going to stick my dick…err I mean neck out and stand side by side with FLOM and tell all those that has been maligning her for this trip to London to cease and desists. She is just the wife of Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minster of Malaysia. And she is FLOM only because HE is Prime Minister of Malaysia. So if you no longer want her as FLOM vote Najib out! Oppps there she goes again….giving you guys ideas!!!ABU.

And here is another lagu from our P. Ramlee that Najib and the other UMNO guys like to sing in the shower! Enjoy!


  1. Rosmah didn't go there in good faith. She went there with her normal self-interest faith to steal the limelight in case Lee won the gold. That's why she was nowhere there when Lee lost, she wasn't there to console Lee in his moment of anguish, and she wasn't there to hug Lee the way she used to hug Lee whenever Lee wins. It's all telling what kind of person Rosmah is, she's just like a gladiator master where winning is all that matters to her. If Rosmah is a true stateswoman, she could have easily won many Malaysians’ hearts in losing, by comforting Lee. But then Rosmah is not a stateswoman that's why she missed that opportune moment to turn defeat into grace.

  2. Thanks for another interesting post. All I can say she did it unto herself. If she is of good character people will love her for who she is even if they don't like her husband.

  3. Her ultimate attempt not to miss out on the limelight took place in Mecca. Hubby had what may have been an Arab VIP on side, and it looked she would be out of the photo. So she posed as if bowing down in front of them.

  4. I dunno...others think she was there to squirrel bags of $$$ in case Bn is kicked out of Putridjaya. Since FLOPPY FLOM was already there, she might as well kill 3 birds with a stone and get some foto PR with Chong Wel, thereby, getting her trip FOC besides.