Monday 15 October 2012

if Rosmah wants a budget of RM111 million for Permata then bertanding as a Wakil Rakyat – go stand as an MP at Batang Berjuntai, Pontianak or more apt, at Menggatal!

“Lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama”

There Najib goes again! Giving RM9 million of our money to the Sikh community on Vaisakhi day to get the sikh community to send some votes his way! O Bai nothing personal but I want them to know that that is the Rakyat’s money that Najib is giving away. The money did not come from the RM40 million that Musa Aman is holding on for UMNO. He will be holding in tightly to that money – possession is nine tenth ownership!

We have no problems about that money being given for religious, education and social matters – no problems at all - but what is that announcement he made that Sikh civil servants could take unrecorded leave to enable them to discharge their religious duties for the Vaisakhi Day celebrations? Camna ni?

Everyday Najib comes up with more ‘imaginative’ ideas to try and buy more votes for himself! Civil servants are only allowed to take unrecorded leave for national and state interest activities. So now unrecorded leave can also be taken for performance of religious duties? Is that across the board or only for Sikhs? Are the Sikhs more deserving than others or are you going to backtrack once the election is over? Whatever Najib does I do hope our brother Sikhs will not be taken in by this ‘election’ initiative by Najib – though you must give him credit for trying!       

“All these allocations and facilities show the commitment of the Barisan Nasional government in looking after the interests all communities in the country, including the Sikhs,” said Najib, adding that it was also in appreciation of the community’s contributions in preserving peace and harmony in the country since World War Two.

“The apt term in the Punjabi language is ‘Vishwaz’, which means trust. If we can reinforce Vishwaz, I am confident much more can be done for the Sikh community,” he added. — Bernama

Translation: If you do not return Barisan Nasional to power after the 13th general election then nothing much more can be done for the Sikh community. Is that a threat or a desperate plea for votes?

For now I am not interested in free and fair election. Not interested in Justice. Not at all interested in free speech, racial equality of the freedom to practice whatever religion I want. I just want UMNO voted out! Everything else will come once they are out of Putrajaya!

Everybody tells me that I don’t have long to wait because by the first quarter of 2013 Najib has to call for an election. I know that the probability of Najib winning the general election without going to the polls is a long shot but as far as Najib is concern somebody has to be the first to win election without going to the polls. So why not him? Najib always likes to think that he has the pioneering spirit within him!

There are some people who have trouble understanding that people do not like them. Najib is one of them. As Prime Minister Najib has the most authority in Malaysia but not a lot of people listen or believe in him anymore. He has no clue as to what is going on around him nor does he know what to do even if he did!

Najib tells us that he is a man of principle. From the time he entered politics and in everything that he has done until today he has been guided by that one principle  – his political survival principle!  

So you can be rest assured that if he intends to bring PDRM and MACC to heel so that the lives of future suspects will be saved you know that the life he meant to save is his own – not the suspects because he knows the people have demanded that PDRM and MACC be brought to heel - not doing so will mean that the people will vote him out of office.

Making basic choices of values, choosing between right and wrong…there is no doubting Najib’s commitment to this principle.

It has come to a point where I think of Najib as I think of Pak Pandir  - the much beloved but fool character from Malay folklore who is unfailingly naïve and stupid.  When Pak Pandir does anything stupid we just laugh it off and moved on with life. We excuse the antics of Pak Pandir because he does not know any better and does no harm to anybody but himself – and even that harm that he does to himself he does so unknowingly. But to me Najib is a Pak Pandir without the ‘beloved’ tag plus there is a disturbing element to what he does  - the evilness of his intent! Berahim Berok, Nazri, Hishamuddin, Muhyiddin, Mahathir……the whole lot of those ‘holier than thou’ UMNO politicians are Pak Pandirs on the same level as Najib!  

But today all this has gone beyond a joke – it has all now descended into farce! Today I read about a budget allocation of RM$111 million for Rosmah’s Permata. Just let me say this – if Rosmah wants a budget of RM111 million for Permata then bertanding as a Wakil Rakyat – go stand as an MP at Batang Berjuntai, Pontianak or more apt, at Menggatal!

Then in the very same instant I read that MACC has cleared Musa Aman of the RM40million corruption allegations because that money was not for Musa Aman but for UMNO!

By any yardstick these are massive amount of money. Our money! That RM$40 million supposedly for UMNO came from the corrupt ways of this BN government and mismanagement of our Nations affairs by UMNO – so it is our money!
The RM$111 million for Permata is simply Najib being squeezed by the balls by Rosmah – yes the image of Najib being squeezed by the balls by our self designated FLOM is not pretty one to imagine but it has happened before and will continue to happen for the term of Najib’s natural life – in or out of politics!

Compared against the tragedy in Pakistan of a 17 year old girl shot in the head by the Taliban for reasons best known to the Taliban these antics by Najib, Rosmah and Musa may pale into insignificance but nevertheless these are real problems for us Malaysians and we need to deal with them now.

Najib is in danger of becoming irrelevant as he ignores another opportunity to inject some semblance of fiscal prudence in his latest budget using it instead …yes you guessed it…using it instead to prop up his political survival principle!

No point in thinking about UMNO’s past misdeeds and abuses – he wants to ‘solve the problem’ of fiscal deficit and tackle a rising debt burden – how? By NOT announcing major structural reforms crucial to putting our finances on a more sustainable footing and by NOT reducing our heavy dependence on oil revenues! Petronas contributes 45% of this BN’s government revenues!  And while doing all this Najib with a straight face said: “The government will not shirk from taking the right action although it is challenging.”

Dear God why do you test our patience by putting this Najib amongst us


  1. A smart 3 year old kid can tell he is lying and using our money to gain votes but there are plenty of simple minded people who will fall for his dirty tricks. For 50 plus years all the PMs were using money to buy votes and gives out goodies when GE is near, yet there are people who are so blind as to not see they are being used to vote the same regime again and again.

  2. Hahaha. There is a joke going at the can he control his warlords and run the country when he can't even control his wife?

  3. So what is wrong if sikhs can get a holiday to preform their religious duties on their Visaki and 9 million is nothing. Sikhs have contributed in blodd for this country and sikhs pay taxes also like 90 % sikhs pay income tax. I pay tax of 120,000 ringgit a year. come lah no need to drag the sikhs into the melayu lawan melayu main buntut war. no need to be a bigot lah as I read your postings and have alot of respect for you. Do not rob yourself of respect okay.JUST APLOGIZE TO THE SIKHS THAT YOU DID NOT MEAN DO DEGRADE THEM AND THEIR 10 GURUS AND THE HOLY BOOK or the Sikhs will go amok and clamer for your blood like the muslims are doing when somebody says something about their religion in the negative or is it only you type can say negative about other religions

  4. rosmah will milk the country as musch as she can for fear that Najib will either be dumped by UMNO or lose the elections...

    Make hay while the sun shines they say and she is not stupid either...