Saturday 20 October 2012

P. RAMLEE...tanya sama hati...

I write this with "Getaran Jiwa" playing away in the background...
Tanya sama hati…Its just past 5.30 a.m. …I have my trusty cup of Nescafe by my side…and this morning I wake up with Tan Sri’s “Tanya Sama Hati” song playing in my head…and my thoughts turn to my late Father and Mother and how I miss them….it has been so long since they left me and how I wish I could just get into my car and drive down to Ampang this morning and say a prayer over their graves. As always and much too often we cannot do the things we want to do..I am too far away from my KL. Then I think of my daughter …again so far away from me with her family in another country and how I wish I could just call her over to me and give her a hug. These emotions tugs at my heart and it is all I could do to keep myself from crying because the pain of having those you love far away is so hard to bear.
Be as it may I still have my wife and my son with me…within hugging distance…and for that I am grateful…these are my thoughts this Saturday morning…and P Ramlee’s song makes it just that bit easier to bear life. God bless you all.  

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