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Victor Chang killer arrives home

The man convicted of murdering Australia heart surgeon Victor Chang has just arrived in his home country of Malaysia.
The man who murdered world-renowned heart surgeon 

Victor Chang has arrived in his native Malaysia after being released from a Sydney jail.
Chiew Seng Liew, who gunned down Dr Chang in the northern Sydney suburb of Mosman in 1991 in a bungled attempt at kidnapping for ransom, was driven out of the Long Bay Correctional Centre on Friday night, accompanied by Department of Immigration officers.
Hours earlier, NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith had said that the government would not launch a further appeal against Liew's release.
Footage broadcast on the Seven network on Saturday showed 69-year-old Liew arriving at an airport in Malaysia, wearing a dark hooded top that covered his head.
He has served 21 years of a 26-year sentence and was granted parole last month. As an inmate, he held a bridging visa which expired as soon as he left custody, triggering his deportation.
He suffers from Parkinson's disease, the early onset of dementia and a host of physical ailments.
Liew has three adult children and will live with his wife and two sons.
He is now free to attend his daughter's wedding on October 20.
Dr Chang's son has said through their advocate that Liew's release has devastated his family.
Liew and his co-offender Phillip Choon Tee Lim were sentenced to maximum terms of 26 years and 24 years, respectively, for the murder.
One of the pair dropped his wallet in the street where the shooting took place.
Liew had been in Australia just 14 months before committing the crime and learned about Dr Chang from a newspaper.
The co-accused Lim was granted parole after serving his minimum 18-year sentence, which expired in November 2009.

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