Friday 5 October 2012

Ali Rustum going the same way as President Robert Gabriel Mugabe?

President Robert Gabriel Mugabe is losing his mind – The world needs to rescue Zimbabwe

Mugabe Dining Room

It is no secret – Robert Gabriel Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe and dictator-in-chief, is a psycho. A crazy despot who has  used war-veteran tactics, despicable atrocities and the serious disregard of the rule of law, to hold on to power through violent and corrupt means. He has muscled his way through Zimbabwe’s political life by holding on to power after successive defeats at the polls. Mugabe is a man with no shame, who even at the old age of 87, cannot stop himself from hanging on to the reins of power. He represents the nasty politics of African dictatorship – A ruthless killer, who has subjected his people to the most heinous crimes ever endured by the people of Africa.
Mugabe's Dining Room
Mugabe is a practicing Christian – so he says – but one whose Christianity is completely devoid of anything Godly. One wonders how this barbarian faces God every time he kneels down to pray. I wonder what God he prays to. All his actions points to someone who has a special relationship with Lucifer. A Man whose mind is governed by the ruthlessness of the dark-world doctrine he subscribes to. He has no value for human life or humanity. He employs thugs calling themselves war veterans to implement his reign of terror.  No respect for the rule of law and complete disregard for international rules and laws. He has the audacity to lecture the west on good governance when he simply is the best example of bad governance the world has ever seen.
The people of Zimbabwe have been left to suffer in the hands of this mad political joker. They starve each day as he continues to deprive them of the basic commodities of life, and a good standard of living. He has stifled free press and freedom of information. He has made human rights abuse the norm in a society that fought so hard for its freedom. He continues to suppress any political opposition to his tyrannical rule, and uses state resources to maintain the lavish lifestyle of his wife, who is old enough to be his daughter.
Mugabe's Mansion

Inflation in Zimbabwe rose to record highs as Robert Mugabe took his country through serious economic turmoil as he challenged sanctions by the West, applied because of his despotic rule. He appoints ministers without consultation with his Unity government partners, and continues to flout the political agreements that has helped bring some sanity into the country’s politics. He does not care about the consequences of his actions and sees himself as above the law. He surrounds himself with Zanu-PF stooges whose loyalty to him are based on land-grabbing – from the rightful owners who have tilled the country’s farms since even before independence. The country’s economy is in tatters, and the unity government is fragile, and could collapse at any time. The people live in constant fear as their leader becomes unpredictable. Every passing hour without incident is a sigh of relief for opposition activists who constantly live in fear and anguish.
Mugabe's Bathroom

Mugabe must be stopped before one more child dies from hunger and disease – before one more journalist is killed – before one more political activist is murdered in cold blood – and before Zimbabwe sinks further into world isolation. What is happening in Zimbabwe is no fault of its wonderful people. It is how their present has been defined  by a brutal dictator who does not have the word democracy in his dictionary! Mugabe must go!!The suffering in Zimbabwe is becoming intolerable and the world should act and act now to stop this psychopath from destroying what is left of the sanity of the people of this beautiful African country. Zimbabwe has nothing to show for all these years of being independent as Africa celebrates its freedom from colonial rule. The joy of the people of Zimbabwe have been squandered by a man who only think of himself and who cares not about the child who goes to sleep hungry or the one that dies the next day from disease. There is no compassion in this sick old man’s head as he wakes up each day in the opulent lifestyle he has carved for himself within a presidential palace built with millions of dollars of the state’s money. His lifestyle is even extended outside of Zimbabwe to an expensive villa on the outskirts of southern France where his wife trots around each year looking for the latest Prada or Versace handbags. The thousands of dollars’ worth of French suits that Mugabe dons to address his people during Zanu-PF political rallies, demonstrate the disregard he has for the suffering of his people as it registers insult to their poverty-stricken environment.
Mugabe's Living Room


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    Those pics would put some first world countries to shame.

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