Monday 29 October 2012

If we continue as we are today, continue to ignore the risks of pitting race and religion against commonsense and decency, we have better make sure that we have enough wither all within us to go another five years of endemic corruption, systematic malaise of government institutions and financial mismanagement of our nation wealth.

steadyaku47 comments: with all due respects DSAI. Maaf Saudara for this but our hearts, our minds, our thoughts and every fiber within ourselves wants you to succeed! Succeed for our sakes, our nations sakes and for the sake of the future of our children! So this needed to be said!

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Time for Anwar to show leadership

CT Ali
 | October 28, 2012
There are so many uncertainties surrounding Pakatan's ability to perform well in the next polls. It's time for Anwar to start showing leadership.
Saudara Anwar please understand that we want leadership from you. We want you to act before the fact – not after the fact.
Act not react. Sit down with DAP and PAS and decide what is it that Pakatan Rakyat will have to do that will put the fear of God into Umno’s consciousness. Then tell us.
We are in this together and we cannot be in this together if we know not what Pakatan will do.
What are your plans for Selangor? Can Perak be retaken? Who are your candidates in the various constituencies and why were they chosen?
Is Kedah winnable and how do you intend to make that win possible? Have you done enough in Lembah Pantai to ensure it remains with Pakatan?
How is the feuding between PKR and DAP in Penang to be contained? Will PKR make their peace with Zaid Ibrahim and how will Zaid’s considerable presence be harness now that he has committed himself to the opposition cause?
What is the game plan for the taking of Johor? Is Negeri Sembilan a lost cause and what can be retained in the face of mounting pressure against PKR’s representative there?
What about the Indians? Are they being listened to? And what of Sabah and Sarawak where the winds of change howls much too loudly for anyone to ignore?
No more gutter politics from both side. We want to see willingness from Barisan Nasional and Pakatan to place their leaders in the line of fire and face the public and explain their stand on issues and policies that they have committed themselves to.
Let me be blunt.
If we continue as we are today, continue to ignore the risks of pitting race and religion against commonsense and decency, we have better make sure that we have enough wither all within us to go another five years of endemic corruption, systematic malaise of government institutions and financial mismanagement of our nation wealth.
And that is a possibility whether BN or Pakatan forms government! So help me God!
CT Ali is a reformist who believes in Pakatan Rakyat’s ideologies. He is a FMT columnist.


  • Daisy Tan ·  Top Commenter
    Datuk Anwar, make sure you have your integrity and honour intact.Do not disappoint the people who look up to you. Be a great statesman and please Walk the Talk! Best wishes to you for victory in GE13.
    • Laurence Hawk ·  Top Commenter · Bukit Bintang Boys' Secondary School
      DSAI, let us tell you, you have the ingredient of leadership to lead us out of the devilish BN's deceitful bushes. You have led us walk too far to return to the ASAL, our spirits remained intact to soldier on together. The columnist is right, show us the way to down this totalitarian gomen. Thank you, Sir.
      • Molly Teoh ·  ·  Top Commenter
        Well written CT,Datuk anwar,lawn tetap lawan. The past two weeks,the feedback from my friends n their friends n family is all for PKR..this is between the Devil n the Angel...the momentum of CHANGE is swinging n even the LAW OF NATURE N TRUTH supports you....KALI INI LAH...UBAH...GO FOR IT
        • Gregory Chang ·  Top Commenter · Works at Atos
          And you yourself said it that this might be your last attempt, whether true or false you need to do it now and do it the "right way and the best way"! Do it for the Rakyat and do it for Malaysia!
          • Jackson Ng Kee Seng ·  Top Commenter · St. Xavier's Institution
            More substance is needed in your Jelejah Merdeka Rakyat speeches.
            • Warren Wong ·  Top Commenter · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
              DSAI, I totally agree with the article. Your elegant slience over matter affecting PKR is no different from Najib. If u & him r equal, I'd rather stick with Najib. Your people like Rafizi and Nurul r doing gr8 jobs but no support. With Azmin, u r quiet. I don't want a storm in PKR after the GE like before. So restore my trust in u before I change my mind. I want to know where we r heading. BN is a headless chicken!
              • GS Guang Trading ·  Top Commenter · Technical College
                DSAI, Especially Azmin who we lose confident. Please act correctly. Khalid is important to Selangor. He must retain in Selangor seat.
            • Subramaniam Nagappen · Simpang Lima Tamil School Klang
              I thing Pakatan already have their Line up (cabinets) to take over the Govt. They are very educated compare then BN. Example Like Selangor and Penang even Kedah. Their administration is more clearly and better. You see BN they don't have right person. Senator coming as minister, person lost election coming as minister furthermore even they don't have women to lead the minister post until PM (a man) to come as Minister. This show BN don't have right candidate to rund the Govt.
              • Eddy Chin Pit
                datuk anwar I know you can do it to all the malaysian and your family.lawan tetap lawan la?
                • Sugumaran Krishnan ·  ·  Top Commenter
                  DSAI please choose CANDIDATES, with credibility and not because they are funders or cronies like UMNO, and check every Cabang leaders performance before picking them to the battle grounds, as some were just fresh without experience whom are still lack of test and trials.
                  • Azmi Jamaluddin · ACS
                    We also want u to make Be End folowers to join PR as many as possible to make the CHANGE in the next PRU-13, let them help us to make the change. GOOD LUCK..
                    • Peter de Silva ·  Top Commenter
                      agree! anwar should come out with policies instead of attacking bn's failures. we have bits n pieces but nuthin wholesome.
                      • Tan Kong Huat Johnathan ·  Top Commenter · HELP University College
                        his leadership is already proven before. he is a demigod. however people get old but party remains as young as all.
                        • Chris Choo
                          We need strong political will to remove BN in the coming poll. Anwar Ibrahim must show strong leadership to unite all Malaysians and make this nation a truly 1Malaysia if Pakatan wins in GE13.
                          • Chris Choo
                            Anwar has to show leadership and unite all Malaysians and chart a clear direction for the nation to move forward if Pakatan wins in GE13.
                            • Stanley Teoh Teoh ·  Top Commenter
                              I hope you'll be a candidate for the GE13... (?)
                              • Tan Ka Lock ·  Top Commenter
                                Mr CT Ali.....what you'd stated is partially correct but Pakatan Rakyat cannot disclosed all their plans, strategies in public to let their Enemies to attack them! These Pakatan national leaders ( Anwar, Nurul, Karpal Singh, Hadi Awang, Nik Aziz, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang others ) definitely have plans and various strategies and known among their national leaders but not to me and you for sure.

                                So don't worry once Pakatan takes over Putrajaya after GE13 the Rakyat and you will be fully informed. Even our PeM , Najib Rosak dare not debate with him proven that our AI is still the best leader. Just take a look at the Quality and Dignity and Credibility of our Ministers.... only God can answer.
                                • Don Colin ·  Top Commenter · La Salle
                                  "...another five years of endemic corruption, systematic malaise of government institutions and financial mismanagement of our nation wealth. And that is a possibility whether BN or Pakatan forms government! So help me God!"

                                  Mr. CT Ali, you have been too quick to lump PR with the misdeeds of BN. Please supply the evidence before making such baseless comparisons.
                                  • Lynn Cheang ·  Top Commenter · Kuching, Malaysia
                                    First thing Anwar can do is name the constituency that Tan Sri Khalid is contesting in Selangor and confirm that he will continue to be the Mentri Besar should PR retain Selangor. What's the point of praising him for good work done but leaving out the said crucial information. Once and for all, put to rest the murmuring that Azmin Ali have you under his thumb.
                                    • Alex Gwee ·  Top Commenter · Heriot-Watt University
                                      Yes, Najib and Anwar must face the firing line and explain their policies ala the US Presidential-styled where Obama was criticised on National TV by Romney...Najis, please don't hide and say everything is good and dandy when you and your Fatmah have your grubby hands in the candy pot!
                                      • Wiz View ·  Top Commenter · Acs kl
                                        Is this short & sweet note directed & sent to the office of to our potential PM? How do we know whether Mr Anwar even reads this?
                                        I know for a fact UMNO/BN never read the Annual Audit Report , no matter how thick or thin.
                                        • Jc Soon ·  Top Commenter · Muar, Johor, Malaysia
                                          DSAI, its time to do things differently. Announce who will be the MB/CM and what are their manifestoes and how they will run their business and their KPI. This apply to your shadow cabinet. Give us something to secure the trust in you.
                                          • Goh EC
                                            You are our hope. Please select reliable and trustworthy candidates in GE 13. Thanks
                                            • Atlawrian Que Yo Conozco ·  Top Commenter
                                              Mr. CT Ali your concerns are noble and from the is indeed a tall order. 55 years of abuse and the entrenched mentality couple with the practise by those in government and now only thinks it is their right to abuse and cheat the rakyat....sad it may be...but that's how it is now and has been for 55 the is as of right. Yes we share your concern...because there is a possibility of froggies.snakes..betrayal, unsatisfied appetite,...yes, money is important but not every thing and nothing can be done without it.... see how great political icons like Mahatma Gandhi, nelson Mandela gets it was in jail and the other is down to earth , but is it really that's all, and I like to think..all attempts to deal with peoples' problem is by the understanding of the people themselves... these icons only believes and practices the egalitarian principles at heart and the utilitarianism that people know....but can a PR government do it......and are we even getting DSAI getting the support? is there harmony in PR....we need to support them. because we know nothing bad can come out of continue oppression by the ruling government...good can only come out.

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