Saturday 10 November 2012

Nurul: Any one can throw the diamond stone in the fire but it will glow.

For those of you who are wondering how our girl is doing…..I can only report…..“Not too well”.

Yes she has seen UMNO politics at its very worst in the dark days of her Father’s fall from grace during Mahatir’s time but this time it is her, not her father, that is on the receiving end of UMNO’s puny punitory attempts.

Nurul It is darkest before the dawn. Use that darkness to prepare yourself for what is to come.

Be warned that what is coming has already absolved themselves of the common bounds of decency and good manners that good decent people are blessed with. What is coming prides itself with its ability to incite paranoid hate and unrelenting hostility of Malays against Malays, of Muslims against Muslims and of Malaysian against Malaysian if that is what is needed for their political survival. What is coming is the largest political party in Malaysia bringing a message pack with innuendos and mendacity to all who will listen that you are an imagined threat to Islam! We know it as UMNO.

Does UMNO worry about what their lies could do to our girl? Not in the slightest! UMNO to their discredit has conjure up, time and time again, false fears by capitalizing on the real and perceived fears of our Rakyat and then dodging responsibilities for their actions when what they do estrange our people and cause divisions even within Islam. UMNO’s excuse? To punish those that dare to inflict harm upon Islam …and Nurul, they say, is one!

You start to wonder if this is done because it suits UMNO politically! These fight for Islam….is it politically expedient for UMNO to do so? UMMNO stands or fall at the discretion of the Muslim Malays! So UMNO desperately seeks allies from the Muslim ranks! And nothing, they think, will rally the Muslim mass as a perceived threat against Islam coming from within its own ranks – from another Muslim.

Friends this blight of ignorance that is UMNO must be stopped! UMNO is a mass of contradictions. It promotes racisms and it is against racism. It abhors bigotry and yet knows its political survival is dependent on it. The potential consequences for all of us of an UMNO irresponsible enough to want government at all costs is too worrying to contemplate. Today it is Nurul tomorrow even our children may be used against each other and then against us!  

Any one can throw the diamond stone in the fire but it will glow.

Nurul is that diamond because she reflects what is the moment we now live in. She reflects what we feel and what we want! She articulates our thoughts, our passions and our aspirations. The old Malaysia is gone. A new Malaysia waits impatiently to come into its own while trying to find a foothold on the shifting sands of politics and change. The uncertainty is deafening, as most of our leaders remain silent. Nurul chooses to do otherwise!

Always in history there are those that will take that bold step forward to make that difference to the future of our nation and in doing so these people takes the entire nation with them for we are all bound together with those that will do work for our common good. Together we will overcome.

If you want to talk about defining moments in our nations history………Tunku’s salutations of MERDEKA at Merdeka Stadium was one. Anwar’s chant of Reformasi! Reformasi! Reformasi! is another. 

This accusation by UMNO that Nurul is being blasphemous to her own faith may be another one that will define, if not our history, then it will surely define UMNO’s political demise because it is Fitna! It is Fitna because it is a mischievous attempt at political gain at the expense of Nurul. It creates rift amongst fellow Muslims. It tells us that UMNO are no longer bound by decency – only deceit.

You no longer have to sit and watch and listen for what UMNO will do next – we now know. Nothing is off limits. The time is ripe for us to do what we must! Even I can no longer write viewing my subject from the outside – I am now part of this. And find it hard to separate passion from rationality, anger from a need to be calm and collected and of course to separate myself from the politics of it all! I, me and myself must try to find consensus!

True this may be Nurul’s worst moments. I know that in the time to come, her most enduring moments of these times, when she has had time to reflect, will be for the outpouring of support and love for her. She is our voice in the wilderness and she has become our voice because she has lived through our struggles, our hopes and our aspirations for our future and our children future.

Now what shall we say next with our new voice? Go and tell her what you want her to say on your behalf. Go and tell her that victory is still a long way away but that you will accompany her all the way. Go tell her that she has work to do, tasks to accomplish and our future to work towards. It is in these kinds of times that our future is decided. These kind of times and with people like Nurul……MERDEKA!    

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