Friday, 16 November 2012

This is why the people of Palestine are fighting impossible odds because they know if they lie down and surrender there will be nothing left for their future…for their children.

Early this morning I had time to reflect on the latest episode of the Israel Gaza conflict - the targeted killing of Hamas military commander Ahmad al-Jabari leader by a precise death-from –above air strike by Israel.

Gaza is a 360 sq km of a torturous strip of land with a population of 1.7 million of which 1.1 million are refugees. It has borne the brunt of a mindless cycle of strikes and counterstrikes between the militant Hamas and the Israelis for God knows what end game. The people of Gaza have endured Indiscriminate out and indiscriminate in strikes resulting from air, sea and land operations by both sides that have resulted in lives lost of children, the aged, civilian casualties on both divide and of course Israelis and Hamas combatants.       

No one can argue that the Israeli have the capacity to level Gaza to ground zero if it chooses to do so…and at times it would seems that they would do so.

In this latest episode that started with the killing of Ahmad al-Jabari two days ago – by today, Friday morning, three Israeli and nineteen Palestinian - six of them children–have been killed! Israel has already hit 250 targets in Gaza and 270 rockets from Hamas have struck Israel.

Saturation level missile strikes against Gaza, the possibility of ground assaults and the promised “any escalation from Hamas will exact a price that they will have to pay” are not just bluster from the Israeli. They have a habit of doing what they say they will do!

Hamas can only beseech “We call upon our brothers in Egypt to take the measures that will deter this enemy” hoping that Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will be their protectors. Calls for a “Day of Rage” against Israelis are already reverberating in Arab capitals.

Again the Middle East is in turmoil and the possibility of all out war between the Israel and the Palestinians inches ever so closely to being a reality. 

Sometimes I ask myself why the Palestinians continue their struggle against the Israeli? A fight they cannot win because they are not only fighting the Israeli but also the United States of America! Why do these Palestinians fight against impossible odds?

I guess for the same reason why our people fight against this BN regime. For the same reason the people are in the Bersih rallies to demand for free, fair and open elections even as they know there really is nothing much they can do to make it happen before this 13th general election.

For the same reason we will go against impossible odds if those who are put in danger are our own people, our own loved ones, our own families.

The same reason why 911 happened.

For those who are oppressed by forces larger and more powerful than them, for those who face overwhelming odds against impossible opponents…………for all these oppressed people, even to inflict a pin prick against their enemies is better than doing nothing! Even if, by doing so, it may result in their death!

This is why I believe that no matter what BN will throw at us, no matter how much money is on offer, no matter what the odds……there will still be enough of our people who will stand firm against BN. They will stand firm and take what ever punishment is meted out to them by this BN government because they believe that if they do not stand against this BN regime, their future and the future of those that they care for will be threatened if not destroyed by the reckless ways of irresponsible UMNO politicians.

Of these people that are prepared to do this we know a few. DSAI, LKS, LGE, Karpal Singh, Tok Guru, Hadi, Nurul, …….…and frighten as I am to stand next to them on the front line of this fight against UMNO I know that the time for me to do so nears.

So what do I do? How do I overcome my fear of physical hurt and intimidation by BN and their forces of intimidation –the Police, Rela and every government agencies and apparatus under their executive control?

In truth there really is no way we can avoid these fears. All that we can do is to see DSAI, LKS, LGE, Karpal, Tok Guru, Hadi and Nurrul and the others do what they do and try to understand why these people are prepared to do this for us! We must try to understand what they are doing for us and try to follow their lead. Let us pray that there will be enough amongst our ranks to do this…if there are not than we will lose…no ifs or no buts…we will lose.

Online media, twitter, facebook, the net, the blogs…we must use all this to our advantage to galvanize our people to move with us. We need the social media to move our cause. Go on line yourself and do this. Go on line and tell those that will listen that this is also their cause, their fight, their future…and we need their help, their support and their commitment to ensure we change our future for the better.

This is why the people of Palestine are fighting impossible odds because they know if they lie down and surrender there will be nothing left for their future…for their children. That is why the Palestinian will take sixteen Palestinian dead against three Israeli dead as a victory of sorts. They willingly face the probability of being pounded to ground zero by the military might of Israel if by doing so there have a chance of getting the world and their Arab brothers to understand their plight and hopefully come to their aid.

In the 12th general election the opposition took five states from Barisan Nasional and deny, for the very first time, Barisan Nasional’s two-third majority in Parliament. To us that is not a victory! To us that is annihilation of an arrogant domineering political entity. To us it was giving them ample warning of what is to come in the next general election!

My friends the next general election will soon be upon us! What are we to do next to this Barisan Nasional pretender of a Federal Government?   

What is to come in this 13th general election? Vote them out of office of course! Is there anything else we can do?


  1. IS NOW OR NEVER. That's what Elvis said in the 60s. Come this GE we have to join force to bring the BN down as this is our best chance. Giving these bastards to rule another 5 years we may never be able to dismantled their fortress ever again as they have all the public institutions under their control and can manipulate almost anything to their advantage till we have no way to beat them ever. So folks, remember - IS NOW OR NEVER.

  2. I really like to believe that we do have a chance against the corrupt regime but l also have doubts about the masses ability to fend off the sweets and the goodies the regime is throwing at them as what they are doing right now.....the political maturity of the Malaysian masses is always as vulnerable as berihim beruk,Zul nordin,zahrain hashim or hee yit fong for that matter......and can anybody deny that corruption is our din,way of unless and until we can get rid of that so called ad din...the wait continues.....but come GE 13,I just love to be proven wrong.

  3. Received an email stating both sides of the story. It seems that the media only publishes attacks by Isreal on Palestine in self defence but never publish news of Palestine rocket attacks on Isreal.

  4. That is normal. Even good things done by Isreal will become bad here. For Dr M nothing is good from Isreal.