Friday 29 January 2016


Gout and Hernia are two very painful afflictions...and when you are burdened with is not very pleasant...and that my friends has been bothering me these last six weeks.

Gout I have had these last three years but it only dawned upon me that it was gout only two weeks ago when I googled the severe burning, tingling pain and swelling that I keep having in and around my right toe. Google told me that it has to be Gout!

And the bulge in my groin and that dull ache from my groin right down to my testicles (testicles seems to me to be a more polite way to say "balls" testicles it is!) that has bothered me intermittently these last two months or so, is Hernia.

When the pain became unbearable these last two weeks I finally went to see the Doctor this morning at 9.30.

The Hernia he confirmed as soon as he saw the bulge in my groin area. The Gout he said , would require an Ultra Sound and blood tests to confirm. And that will be done tomorrow morning at St Vincent Hospital at 11am.

This is not the way I wanted to go into the weekend . Not the way I want to be when I need to care for my wife.....but that is the way it is. .....that is life!

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