Thursday 28 January 2016

THIS IS AUSTRALIA! ...and I am loving it!

Drunk Aussies stop a robbery, now watch their hilarious morning TV interview

Two drunk Aussies on the Gold Coast filmed the video of their lives this week, when they captured thieves breaking into an Oporto burger outlet.

James Ross-Munroe and Kane Wiblen were ‘chilling’ at the Arundel service station (as you do) late at night after a stubbies and singlets party, when they saw people breaking into the shop.

Dressed only in shorts and thongs, James thought on his feet and stole the keys from the thieves’ car’s ignition, making sure the criminals couldn’t get away.

Even though he broke one of his thongs, James made sure the criminals knew who’s boss, chasing after them while yelling, ‘Come ‘ere you little bastards’.

But this story gets even better!

Once the video went viral, Channel Nine’s Today Show interviewed James and Kane, and it’s as Aussie as it gets, and damn hilarious. It’s a must watch!

Following video is the unedited version of the same thing!

And in case any of you is not familiar with the Jim Beam he was talking about...this is it!

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