Sunday 24 January 2016

Sunday morning...cakap cakap. An attempt at clarity.

You must not, should not and must not lay blame on all Muslims for the evil that some "Muslims" do upon others in the name of ALLAH. ALLAH hates no one. 

The evil that men do upon others are of their own volition's......ALLAH is merely the easy way out to excuse their reason to kill their own mother, to kill non-believers, to kill the old, the poor and kill anybody who are different from them. 

I have no doubt that any of these terrorists, any of these freedom fighters, any of these Jihadists, if given the opportunity and hope that most of us have in making something of our live that give us reasons to live useful lives, than they too would choose life over death.  Choose to live in peace than in war and chose to have compassion and love for others rather than to snuff the lives of others simply because others are different from them.

Today religion has become an instrument of those who seek to use religion for their own gain - spiritual and material. 

The moment I come across any "religious" zealots.... appointed or self appointed muftis and Imams who seek to impose their "considerable" religious knowledge or "authority" upon me...I walk away. 

Whether well intentioned or otherwise these so-called religious authority who have "answered" ALLAH's call to serve HIM will invariably see Islam in the light of their own circumstance. Those who are appointed by the powers that be will do the bidding of those who pay their salaries. Those who are not, see themselves to be in conflict with those who are and invariably their "holier than thou" mentality will also color their act of serving ALLAH...all to my disadvantage.

It is best to think for yourself what you should or should not do. And in the presence or absence of ALLAH would it not be best for us all to do good rather than evil? 

Of course there are many among us that need divine guidance in their search for the meaning and understanding of life. Go and seek that guidance through whatever means or medium you think is right for you but you must try to understand that more often than not, who and what you are now have been an accident of birth and the result of circumstance and events that have surrounded you since that birth. 

Rarely have I come across people who have had the good fortune to be able to think and decide for themselves who they are and what they want to become in life for themselves without interference from others. And more critical to be able to do that when their ability to think for themselves have reached maturity and will allow them to make the right decision for themselves. 

Many of us are still seeking for answers and some of us will breath their last on this earth still seeking answers to the meaning and the reason for life.

Be yourself. 

Be confident in your ability to reason with yourself what is good and what is evil..and as I have said previously...with or without ALLAH or is infinitely better to do good rather than evil, to live a useful and compassionate life than to live one where you do harm to others. 

Understand than in truth you are really the master of your own destiny. 

Live life well. I wish for you all, all that you would wish and want for yourself. Life is good.           

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