Thursday 21 January 2016

cakap cakap....Up North!

Saudara & Saudari dan yang lain lain....LGBT included...(let it not be said that steadyaku47 is that way or this way inclined).....we are all of the human race (as Donplaypuks is fond of saying) is Selangor all over again albeit with a twist....not ala Chubby Checker but ala that most despicable, most odious and most corrupt and unworthy first born son of our Tun Abdul Razak also known as Najib Razak aka wife of Rosmah Mansor and some other names best not mentioned among our friends....nudge nudge wink wink....

And what is this "twist" that I am talking about?

In Selangor case there was the Boss (Anwar Ibrahim) and his proxy (Azizah). In Kedah's case there is also the Boss (Rosmah Mansor) and her proxy wife (Najib a Jib Jib).

Selangor had a Sultan who was only too eager to impose his considerable "royal will" upon PKR with or without the assists of Umno. And in the end the Sultan had his way with Azmin. 

In Kedah the Yang di Pertuan Agong is d man! The Royals (all nine of them!) have, in recent times, started to flex their muscles against the usurper of their Royal powers....Umno. How far the Agong will go towards further reclaiming that Royal prerogative already lost to Umno will define his willingness to get involve or stay away from what is now happening in his home state.  

Has our King the moral courage to do what is best for his people in Kedah, his subjects in Malaysia and his brother Rulers - even if that meant going against what Najib and a compliant Umno wants to do. The jury will be sitting on this one. We will sit with them for now

Another twist is that there was vigorous dissent within Pakatan Rakyat for who was to be their unanimous choice for MB. In Umno's case it would seem that all dissent within Umno sudah di kauntim (ahem....that Rm 2.6 billion "donation" sure can help lah!) and as for the possibility of dissent within BN....can Pigs fly? Duh!

Next....In Kedah Mukhriz the incumbent may have lost the support of Umno but he has the people of Kedah with him. Mat Bashah, the dreamer who is Najib's proxy, has as much charisma as a limp wrist! 

Azmin in Selangor was always the front runner for the post of MB but only made his move when he was "invited" to do so by the Sultan. Now who will invite this Mat Bashah in Kedah? Najib? Hell no.....the Agong and the people of Kedah will have more credibility.....and of course any "invite" from Najib will have to come via Rosmah. No can do lah!

Now it is a race against time. Five planets are aligning and parading across the dawn sky from yesterday in a rare celestial spectacle set to repeat every morning until late next month. In Malaysia all the forces, factions and a rag tag band of vested, party, individual and political interests are marshaling against Najib. We can just hope that the dismissal of Mukhriz - when it happens - will align them all together to gel and make Najib and his husband Rosmah take the highway to where the sun no longer shine.....preferably on a one way ticket san any stop overs on the way there!

Whatever is already happening in this show of shows up North have already consigned what happened in Selangor between Khalid, Azmin and Azizah to a supporting role in our political history. They say that when elephants fights it is the grass that will suffer most....well not this time!

Win or lose Najib has hammered enough nails into his coffin to have his pall bearers ready and willing to take him to the next step.....carry him to his political demise. Whether he is taking Umno, BN and the legacy that Tun Razak with him is to be seen. 

Image result for dead meat  images

This is it for Najib. He is already dead meat. In battle they call it staring down the barrel of a gun. In Najib's case for sure that someone else will be doing the staring for him....but the end will still be the same....if the bullet finds its target, he is toast! Kaput. Finito. Terminated. Finisaj. 结束. अंत. பூச்சு...Tiada maaf! Dead meat!

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