Friday 20 January 2012

"I sold the car at Market Value!"...ahem!

Ex-minister Azalina met MACC officers on Monday to give statement over blogger’s graft allegation
Mercedes Benz 280SL
The 1967 Mercedes Benz 280SL that Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said sold to Datuk Yahya Abdul Jalil.

FORMER minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said yesterday refuted allegations that she received a RM300,000   contribution from a Johor businessman.

 In a text message to the New Straits Times, Azalina, who is now the Pengerang member of parliament, explained that the cheque was, in fact, a payment for a 1967 Mercedes Benz 280SL which she  sold to the businessman.

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Azalina: 'RM300,000 was payment for car' - General - New Straits Times

steadyaku47 comment:

The price of a used 1967 Mercedes Benz 280 SL in Australia is advertised at RM$125,281 - before you haggle for a discount! No where close to the RM$300,000 that Azalina got for her Mercedes.

Is this another of a Khir Toyo situation who bought that Mansion in Shah Alam at a considerable discount? If my memory serves me right that Khir Toyo will soon be a guest of the Yang Di Pertuan Agong at possibly either the Sugai Buloh di Hilton or some similar Establishment. I rest my case!

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  1. HH,

    Our ministers and ex-ministers cars have gold plated and diamond encrusted interiors hence the value of their cars are far much more than the ordinary ones. Thus paying RM300,000 for a 1967 Mercedes 280L is a small paltry sum. The question to ask is how come Azalina can afford to own this 1967 Mercedes in the first place.

  2. Her's is a rarely used car so will fetch a better price.

  3. Me got one too.sold for 500,000.what the heck Sein

  4. The fuel consume is very much reduced if they were to compare this automobile with a regular model & this is due to important systems that are activated.

    kingston cab

  5. pls check on the buyer who could afford rm300,000.00 !

  6. Now Datuk, you can sell the Merc back to ex-minister for two dollars. Everybody is happy.

  7. Come on sein.....go get. al ife

  8. Pak Hussein,

    If Azalina Mercedes Pagoda worth $300K, than my 1997 Myvi worth $300K too !!

    Pak Udin.

  9. i got one willing to let go for 500k.anybody for it..seriously

  10. This story is as old as colonialism itself. This is what in those days the officers of The Crown use to call buying up your unwanted goods at antique value.

  11. Hussein, do you have the link to Ah Wah Gor Facebook page (Anwar versus Najib as in Ah Jib Gor). See Malaysiakini 'Ah Wah Gor' speeds past 'Ah Jib Gor'. I want to lend my support as well as link to it to spread the news. Maybe through your contacts?


    Currently 25,168 already

  13. That's her alibi but we all know what kind of bullshit that alibi is. My advice, those bloody Anons here who own that kind of car better keep it and wait till you become UMNO minister to have the value increased by a gargantuan margin because a vintage is valued more if the owner is a Malaysian UMNO minister!

  14. Modern Cars are built better too. I drive a certain Japanese car (70% of the parts and 90% of the car are built in the U.S. btw) It has 140,000 miles and has some very minor things wrong with, but it has been bullet proof so far. Not one bit of trouble.

  15. RM125k in australia
    try bringing that car into malaysia (plus tax etc)
    how much should it be?

    any car impoters?

  16. The price make sense!. It's 1967 Merc 280 SL. Look at NST today - John Travolta has one - it's 1970, it's Collectors 'mint collection'!.

    I don't think RM 300,000 is unreasonable. It's a plain 'willing buyer and willing seller' deal. What's more to it?.

  17. The price make sense!. It's 1967 Merc 280 SL. Look at NST today - John Travolta has one - it's 1970, it's Collectors 'mint collection'!.

    I don't think RM 300,000 is unreasonable. It's a plain 'willing buyer and willing seller' deal. What's more to it?.

  18. Eh!...Travolta pun konspirasi dgn Azlina ?. Biar betul!...mesti Yahya Jalil tarik tali dari belakang ni......

  19. To the 'Troublemakers' - they see all evils; hear all evils. Their hearts bleed - we must pity them and help them....

  20. yOne comment made regarding the price of the car was RM125000 in Australia. If what the writer says is true I would like to pay him RM 125000 for the car bearing in mind it has to be in the same condition as the one sold by the ex minister. I have been looking for one but those cars are about 50000 Pounds Sterling in the UK. look in any classic car magazine and you will see what I mean.

  21. Steadyaku47,

    Please disseminate this latest breaking news as wide as possible.
    I went online to check my voting status, it said -. What the fuck is dat?
    My friend's father went to MCA's counter to semak, they told him orang punya IC ini sudah mati. So he wanted to smash the chair, he said what mati. I am standing here!