Wednesday 18 February 2009

Musuh di dalam selimut?

"It is Umno that should be nervous about its future if its members continue to act oblivious to the problems and challenges it faces".

"Umno's ethics book surprisingly doesn't allow campaigning
Of course, most contenders have ignored this prohibition".

"Umno has a queer way of gauging popularity or acceptance during actual voting. Judging by the last race, money or favor is still an element of persuasion".

"The quota system is actually a tool for corrupt practices because in order to get 21, 39 or 59 divisional nominations for the V-P, deputy presidency and the presidency respectively, one is tempted to buy support".

"Class F and businessmen of stature looks at the party's election as some sort of a business venture. So they invest".

The above quotes are taken from an interview Rais gave to NST recently – it speaks volume of the state UMNO now finds itself. To ponder the survival of UMNO under present circumstances defies logic.

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