Sunday 8 February 2009

PERAK - an attempt at clarity.

Early Sunday morning and I really am not in the mood to write but duty calls and write I must on matters prevailing in Perak. I ask for your indulgence for some minor slips as my finger hits the keyboard… as I also have not had my breakfast yet. And so I begin…..

Anwar’s first depression ....I mean impression…when he was told that Perak was lost to Barisan was to insist that an election should be called to allow the Rakyat of Perak to sucide..I mean decide who should Govern them. 

Sultan Azlan Shah in his book “Constitutional Anarchy…sorry Monarchy , Rule of Law and Good Governance” emphasized the importance of protecting all members of society from abuse of power. Public perception ultimately matters. The appearance of impartiality is more important that the reality of impartiality. But as I have said "Cakap bukan serupa bikin". Azlan should be wise enough to know that like Cesar’s wife he should be above suspicion. However Azlan has denied Pakatan request for an erection …sorry election.

In support of the Sultan’s decision Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO Youth Deputy Leader said that he had always advocated that the Father in Law....I mean the rule of law... should decide the outcome of any dispute in this matter. On another matter when asked to comment on what can be done to improve Samy Velu's current situation KJ said “Sugery ….definitely sugery”.

The Prime Suspect…sorry the Prime Minister today lied…sorry tied the current situation in Perak to what the leader of the opposition Anwar, had himself advocated re his self imposed 16th September dateline of taking over the Government via defections of Barisan's Chimpanzees...sorry Representatives to Pakatan Rakyat.

At a kautim …sorry again…meeting between Najib and Azlan today at Istana Bukit Chandan in Kuala Kangsar, it was greed… was agreed that UMNO will form the next State Government.

UMNO has been in constant manipulation…sorry communication with the Palace on this matter from the time that it was approached with a request by the three MP from Pakatan Rakyat to join Barisan. Their decision to join Barisan has been money…ooppps it should have been a journey.... which they have had to undertake in order to do what is right for their own bank balance…sorry again it should be for their own local populace ……that has voted for them in the last election.

Sorry lah I better stop …cannot concentrate ….maybe after some coffee I might start again. 



  1. OMG, this is vintage Hussein - as Zar would say! If you're this acerbic before your coffee, how much better can you be after? And don't pretend you need the dictionary, k! I won't believe you anymore cos I know better!!


  2. right this very minute I am having my breakfast - left over steak with potato and onions..with sarsi on ice...but wearing my sarong...always wearing my sarong around the house. Hope my take on Perak helps. As for the Piano there really is nothing better then playing those electric one with the whole orchestra at the tip of your finger. Have a good weekend.


  3. Olredy read this in our yahoo e-group mail, but steak and sarsi for brekky? Arent you pushing your luck old bean.

  4. Who is calling who an "old bean?" My constitution allows me eat what I's my sanity that tells me IT IS OK to do so that worries me..