Thursday 5 February 2009

As I c it.....

In defence of Najib it must be said that this man has never been caught doing anything illicit, immoral or unsavory. He did it all but he was just never caught. Pak Lah might consider himself fortunate to think that he had the support, loyalty and total commitment from Najib as his Deputy. However without Najib maybe Pak Lah might still be PM after March 2009. Najib is way ahead of Pak Lah because he accepts that Money Politics and corruption is part of Malaysia’s political culture – not only in UMNO but PKR, DAP, PAS and all things political. 

A TUN once told me that “Mahathir prefers to have corrupt Minister in his cabinet. The easier to control them”. What a very practical man this Mahathir is. He pulls no punches and will do the necessary as long as the ends justify the means. Justifying the “means” is kachang puteh when the deed is done. His cronies, friends, sahabats and family will ride on his coat tails and milk the country for what it is worth but they will never cross the old man and they give him the respect he demands. Cross him and you die standing. From what I remember of his time as Prime Minister his control over UMNO, the country and all things Malaysian was absolute. UMNO was run on a very tight leash, the country stable and development was brisk. The troublemakers (as perceived by Mahathir) Anwar, the opposition, political dissents were either put away or muted. Mahathir was the Prime Minister that Malaysia had to have just as Chruchill was then needed by Britain to take them through the war years. Mahathir choice as his successor was also “ in the parley of the newspaper” correct at the time of going to the press. Pak Lah was the one to eradicate the excesses of UMNO and its Barisan partners which Mahathir had already started to identify, albeit more in the form of appealing to the “better nature of UMNO members” then by actual deeds and performances. That was left to Pak Lah to do when he took over.

That this did not happen is a damming confirmation of how serious Money politics is embedded in UMNO. Suffice to say that if Abdullah Badawi is unable to rid UMNO of its cancer do you seriously think that Najib is the man to do so? 

All our previous Prime Minister – from Tunku Abdul Rahman, Razak, Hussein, Mahathir and Abdullah Badawi have come into the job with one constant – untainted by corruption, money politics, greed or scandals. Najib cannot, by any stretch on the imagination, be said to be of this stock. So what does the future hold for our country and our people? 


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