Wednesday 18 February 2009


What is the deal with RPK. What good are you to us dead? Steadylah Pete...look at Pak Lah. In his mind he is resolute in thinking that he has done his best for his country. That he has sacrifice enough for his country and the ultimate sacrifice is for him to go - hoping against hope that maybe, just maybe before he steps down, the Rakyat or UMNO will want him back. But we know the reality is different. 

Maybe you are strong enough to do what you think you must - but the causes you have choose to champion are always of the most destructive kind - destructive to those who champion them...and your writings and actions lately now seems to concern itself with you , you and nothing much else at all. Think! Does not your family have a say in what you do? Contrary to what might have been promised there are no 70 virgins waiting on the other side for you. Life only goes on if you live. Step back and think outside the box. Do what you will as it does not concern me but running away is not the way to go...and dying is the easiest way out of your present situation but not the wisest or bravest. Salam Brother and may you have strength to face a most terrible situation - one I will not wish upon anybody - not even on Najib....Rosmah maybe.....


  1. here is link to post on HH:
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    I've also posted many times on topics you've raised here ... Anwar, Najib ...

    Yours are more filled out, but we seem to share a lot more in common than we care to give credit for ...

  2. I agree with you: What good are you to us dead, RPK?

    I didn't understand Mahatma Ghandi's need to fast himself into oblivion either!