Friday 27 February 2009

Hi "h+A>z(w)=@xN"

..tqs for reading what I write..dan budak kolej pulak !! How do I communicate with you ? ...and napa you suka Butterfingers" ? Pasal ada budak kolej dalam group tu ka ? I would just like to know. Tqs.



  1. yup.budak koleq class 0f 2003..
    i like koleq and i feel budak koleq is cool and will owez b cool. dats also da reason y i like butterfngrs. coz i like da music thy hv brought up to da mainstream.well, im here nt to support anyone, including u or wut u hv written. coz i like reading newspapers n blogs and other materials coz i cn broaden my knowledge n increase my awareness of wut is happening in my country.

  2. I'm sure many budak Koleq are following your blog, especially since your previous post on Anwar was mentioned in the MCOBA yahoogroup.

  3. Ok..tqs.Re Butterfngers if you go back to my earlier blog there is a picture of my cucu with Pak Lah..Emmett is the one holding my cucu when she met Pak Lah...because he is married to my daughter..small world !!! Hidup Butterfingers!!!

    Laxsamana...the years I spent in Kolej are wonderful wonderful years...even now at 61 years old it brings a smile to my face thinking that you and I can connect through having spent time in KK. Lets keep in touch..