Sunday 1 February 2009

Samy Velu, who had held the post of President of MIC since 1979 had just announced his Resignation at the MIC General Assembly and there was a hush amongst all the delegates.

Muthu s/o Nantha, a registered member of MIC Tapah Division since 1982 stands up and proclaims: “If Samy Velu stays I and my large network of thugs will make sure that Makka Sakthi will not challenge your leadership. Samy must rebuild the confidence and instill in the people the relevance of the MIC to the Indian community”. The congress sighs in appreciation and applauds.

Joe Francis Nadarajah of MIC Division Batang Berjuntai and a succeeful Businessman stands up and says: “ If you leave now the party will be in disarray. Who will restructure and rebuilt MIC through this challenging period? The Indian Community still needs you. If you leave now it will do irreparable damage to us”. More sigh and loud applause.

Suddenly Rajamani d/o Sivaji  stands up and announced with a smile, “ If Samy stays I will give him sex”. There is total silence. “Miss Rajamani whatever possessed you to say that?” asked Samy. Well I just ask my Dad how we could help and he said “Fuck Samy Velu”.


  1. ...but seriously i got nothing against this Samy s/o Velu...I just don't like him. Full stop. If he is the best that the Indians have to lead them , then what hope is there for the Indian community !!!