Thursday 5 February 2009

Helang sudah mendarat…

Without any help from PKR, DAP or PAS, UMNO prepares to commit Hari Kiri – the ancient form of ritual suicide that defeated samurai, or those whose shame was “too unbearable” would use to restore their honor in death. While UMNO is no Samurai and there is no honor to restore at least their shame (money politics, greed, corruption) is unbearable and they should still proceed with the disembowelment.

How else could you explain the acceptance by UMNO into their midst of two @#*#@ who have been accused of corruption and sexual misconduct…..but as Najib said when asked why BN was willing to be associated with Jamaluddin and Osman who have been tainted by corruption charges, Najib replied: "We have no problem, that is a separate issue."…just as Altantuya is also a separate issue and does not in any way , in as far as he is concern, affect his ability to be our Perdana Mentri. But at least Najib is consistent in applying the same standards he has set upon himself to others. I shudder to think of what festers within UMNO.

Let UMNO now take the wakizashi (short sword) and disembowel itself but only this time there will not be any close friend, comrade to put them out of their misery by cutting off their head with one swift blow of the Katana (another Japanese sword). Let us now see how the opposition prepares itself to deliver that chop to UMNO head to put them out of their misery. To not do so would mean that they have failed the Rakyat who have graciously given them the mandate to represent them at the last General Election.


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