Sunday 1 February 2009

Showoff American Soldier gets KO'd(Gringo vs Bolo Subtitled)

I just had to share this YouTube video with you all. Let me set the scene for you. The American Soldier is in Mexico and he had turned up at a Boxing Arena where anybody could enter  the ring and try their skills with anyone who agreed to fight him. So he swaggers into the ring at around 7pm  - an overconfident body builder with huge muscles and started doing his Van Damme excercise (where he spread eagled his legs on the floor of the arena) and he starts looking for someone to fight. Nobody dared to take up the challenge until about 11pm when this guy call Bolo puts on his boxing gloves and enters the ring. The American GI swaggers around the ring trying to intimidate his opponent and insisted that the other boxer take the first punch at him...which the other boxer was only too happy to obliged and the rest is a hilarious comedy of an over confident American Soldier getting his just desserts.  Read the sub titles and also listen to the commentator talking away in Mexican and having the time if his life laughing at the Gringo getting hit left and right. Try not to get into the fact that Boxing is a blood sport....just enjoy seeing a Guy getting what he deserves..enjoy !!! P.S. the video is at the bottom of this page.