Thursday 5 February 2009

Anwar Ibrahim

Live by the sword...die by one...and so it has come to pass that Anwar now has a taste of his own medicine. The defections he had once hoped to happen has finally started its long predicted momentum but alas it has gone against him. Like Pak Lah the momentum was there for him to seize when the opposition won control of five states in the last election - but the heady days of victory and power was too exciting to let go - and playing politics rather then governing became the norm. And now the end will start to come not only for Anwar but for the grand design that came with the victory at the last election - and as always God is on the side of those with money and big armies...and as always we await the return of rampant corruption, greed and money politics as UMNO return to the fore with Najib at its apex. Did the Rakyat really thought that Truth, Justice and Fairness will really prevail? Do they not know that greed overcomes all other consideration. Amen.


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