Wednesday 18 February 2009

Elizabeth Wong

Shame is a guilt you must do without. You have done nothing wrong. You did not plunder the Nation's wealth. You did not violate any underage child. You did not put away anybody under ISA. Sticks and stones may break your bone but do not let talk bother you. What you are going through now and for the foreseeable future might at times seems to you to be unbearable and too daunting to face alone. But you are not alone. I am with you. Your peers in Pakatan (at least those that really matters) are with you, Raju is with you. Esther, Rajamani and Mariana are with you. Do not let us down. You have work to do and your Party, your Country and we need you. Stand up and be counted and declare that your life will go on for there are too many things still to be done to allow anyone to stand in your way.

Yes it can be a question of morality. Then if it is let those who are without sin cast the first stone. What two consenting adults (WHO ARE NOT OF THE MUSLIM FAITH) do in the privacy of their quarters remains just that - PRIVATE . Elizabeth you now have your life in the glare of public scrutiny but it will not be for too long. The glare that the public now gives you is one of resolute support and understanding. We will go through this together and emerge with our heads held high.   


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