Sunday 27 November 2011

Another Brick in the Wall ...for UMNO and BN!

The days when the people of Malaysia will take whatever morsels thrown at them by the powers that be are long gone. I want Najib and all his Ministers to understand that the time has come for them to give us due deference because we are the people that will decide their fate. Maybe it is done once every five years but the wait has been long and onerous but it is now nigh!

Not in four years time, not in three. Not even in two! It is a matter of months away! And as it nears Najib and his Ministers no longer swaggers through the corridors of power in Putrajaya. The YB’s give due deference to the people in their constitutencies. The Kris has been sheath. Ibrahim Ali will give up his preferred alter ego as a General without an army and be a Private  again. All the right ‘amalan’ are being past down the ranks and file of UMNO. Behave and tone down on your arrogance and bluster.

The Mercedes are being used less often. The Mistresses and girlfriends are being put in cold storage and tryst of the sexual nature are reluctantly curbed for the moment by the YB’s and if done are done behind doors that are grilled and double padlocked. It would not do much for their reelection chances if they are caught in any sexual hijinks !

Remember that pedophile Rahim Thambi Chik? That great fornicator of Malay girls Shahidan Kassim? And do not forget that Raba Raba JJ…all caught with their brains in their zipper! Sexual predators all of them!

Do you think the Pakatan Rakyat MP’s are beyond reproach? We must subject them to the same scrutiny as we do with UMNO and BN politicians….and of course there is always UMNO to do this work for us! That nothing untoward have so far surfaced augers well for Pakatan Rakyat…and yet I know that as the general elections nears salacious and incriminating tit bits will start to come out of the woodwork courtesy  of those UMNO Cyber Troopers. DAP would do well to tone down on its foray into big business dealings. I know it is needed if Penang is to give Selangor a run for their money in being the most developed state in Malaysia but I would suggest that Guan Eng err on the side of caution lest UMNO sees an opportunity to bring into play the sensitivities of Malays with a phobia for Chinese business designs over them into the equation. Never forget that race and religion are the most effective way to gain and lose votes in Malaysia. 

PAS will be PAS. Religious fervor will dominate but we know enough of PAS to understand that they mean well and their leaders are men of caliber, trust. Wealth does not interest them…well not that much anyway.

PKR will be given some leeway by us. DSAI personal problems are also ours. How PKR will come out of this present impasse will be interesting to observe but I would expect DSAI to understand that the legacy he has to leave behind must transcend his own self – to do otherwise will only benefit UMNO.

And then there are the individuals that can make a difference  either way. We can disregard the ‘berani mati’ mercenaries that are always in the thick of the cut and thrust of politics for their own gains on both side of the divide. For suitable recompense they will do the bidding of their financial masters : Be it the three Stooges/Datuks and their Carcosa horizontal mambo or the frogs within Pakatan Rakyat that awaits any bones thrown their way any each way. It is good that Azizah has said that PKR will chose candidates that are beyond reproach….good but worrying. How do we know that PKR will not make the same mistake again? Are they not the same people in PKR who are doing the choosing? What has change?   

Pakatan Rakyat are burdened with what they can use against UMNO and Barisan Nasional in the lead up to the 13th general election but it would be prudent to distant themselves from negative politicking. We all know what there is to know about what harm UMNO and Barisan Nasional has wrecked upon our country. Now we want to move forward.

What there is still to know about the abuses of UMNO and Barisan Nasional will surface sooner or later. The mechanism and means for them to do so is already in place. We have our people within UMNO and BN, within the Armed Forces and various Government machinery's and Civil Service. We have eyes and ears everywhere working for us. They tell me things I do not even want to know…and of course there is the Internet!  

Like a babbling brook that bubbles even as its water flows over rocks and stones in its path the Internet will mocks those UMNO and BN politicians with secrets they do not want us to know. It keeps these secrets within itself…waiting for us to uncover the stories it will tell us...for like the brook that will not stop flowing the Internet never stops giving and it is there for us to use. All you need is the patience to seek what you want to know about the abuses of past and present BN politicians. It is all there for you to uncover. Enjoy!

And still these BN politicians do not understand. It is no longer about them. It is now about us – the people.

It will do no good if Najib tells Rosmah to behave like the good dutiful wife that she is not!

Nothing these UMNO politicians can now do will make the Malays forget the 53 years of abuse and plunder of their rights and of their wealth. We are beyond all that.

We just want change.
Anything but UMNO.
Asalkan bukan UMNO.

Now everyone that can think wants to act. Some act alone. Some in groups. Some do things on the quiet some are activists that are prepared to be overt in their display of anger, frustration and desire for change in Malaysia.

But be assured that the stirring amongst us all is real and has started to ebb across Perlis to Johor to Sarawak and Sabah. No limits, no borders no racial or religious barriers.

In the face of this quiet movement within us no politicians will be able to lie, cheat or con us into voting for them however hard they try. We will not let them. The Rakyat rules! And after almost 53 years of UMNO and Barisan misrule this realization creeps relentlessly into our consciousness and opens our imagination to what is to come after the 13th general elections! Now what each and everyone of you will have to do is to hold that thought vividly in your mind. Do not allow that hope for change to diminish. Build upon it day by day so that when that day comes when change is upon us – we will know that we have done our ‘act’ towards ABU!     


  1. Mr. HAM,
    I must confess this is a gem of an article. Written with love about the stark reality of a double edged sword but with caution ! Spoken like a true Malaysian !
    Syabas sir !

  2. "Anything but UMNO-BN". Don't forget last bit, referring to the associated thieves.