Wednesday 30 November 2011

Merdeka Again!

Maharddhika! Mardijker! Maharlika! Maradeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

AMCJA,Pak Sako, Dr Burhanuddin Al-Helmy, Ahmad Boestaman, Musa Ahmad, Shamsiah Fakeh, Aziz Ishak, A. Samad Ismail, John Thivy, Ibrahim Karim, Ibrahim Yaakub, Sir Cheng Lock Tan, Gerald de Cruz, Tahu Kalu, Abdullah C.D and many others...all gone but not forgotten.

These are all elements that have been contributed to our Merdeka. To them, not UMNO, we owe a debt of gratitude! 

The British were predisposed to grant Merdeka to an UMNO led initiative because their assets would be protected and there would be no nationalization of their colonialist assets.

“Umno was the safest bet as the latter was the only organised movement that dominated the political scene then. Umno, of course, was very receptive to the British as most of their leaders were British educated and had embraced British culture and values ever since their school days in Britain or at the Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK). Additionally, they were mostly the sons of the Malay rulers and chieftains who had been close to the British. These people had been moulded to become anglophiles who regards the British as their icons and mentors and viewed them as their saviour”.

For political exigency, Umno would have to forge an alliance with the ethnic Chinese and Indian political parties, and hence “Perikatan” (Alliance) was formed". 

Al-Jafree Md Yusop and Syed Zahar : Original Heros of Merdeka.

And now we will come full circle. 

We are now on our  quest for a second Merdeka : this time from the oppressive and despotic regime of UMNO and Barisan Nasional after 54 years of plunder of our nations wealth and the loss of our people self respect and dignity as UMNO tore the very fabric of our society that have so long held our people together – tore it for their own gain.

The 2008 General Election signaled the beginning of the end of this quest of ours with the loss of BN two third majority in Parliament.

Now like a match that will light a bonfire let us hope that Sharizat’s NFC debacle will trigger a melt down of UMNO’s at their general assembly as they turn upon themselves to try and save themselves. Their already fragile ability to withstand the winds of change coming their way has already caused their leaders to revert desperately to their only source of tried and tested defense used much too often in the past: Race and Religion! Race and Religion!

While UMNO panic we must hold our line firm. Now more then ever we must renew our commitment to stand together with Pakatan Rakyat and do what we must to gain our new MERDEKA.

Let us watch from a safe distance as UMNO self destruct. Watch and learn so that Pakatan Rakyat will not meet the same end in the years to come.

There is no respectable Malay leader within UMNO that will seek to lead UMNO as they are now! Who in his right mind would want to be leader of a corrupt, arrogant and self serving UMNO? Who with a shred of self respect would have as his Information Chief this Mat Maslan who is bankrupt of any thought but that of race and religion to be used to save a terminal UMNO already in need of palliative care of the critical kind? An UMNO that can no longer be saved – all that can be done is to make it comfortable before death comes- maintain quality of life, not life itself!

Who would want as his deputy Muhyiddin that sees any thing before him as the possible and probable cause of UMNO demise – and the demise of all UMNO running dogs: The Sultans, government officers, the armed forces, enforcement institutes, the justice system and even the Malays! Yes the Malays that have voted UMNO!

This is surely an UMNO that has gone mad! Not so much different from the riot squad and PDRM that they unleash upon their own people like a rabid dog on heat! Like an elephant in mask! Like a Mahathir going after his own chosen successor –Pak Lah.

Let UMNO be mad. We must not.   
Let UMNO hyperventilate. We must not.
Let UMNO fall upon its own sword. We must not.
Let UMNO Baru go join UMNO Lama. We will not!       

Hold our line firm! Not the large armies at its disposal, not the deep pockets that it has....and this time not Sabah or Sarwak can save UMNO like it did in 2008. 

Our second Merdeka will come and come soon. MERDEKA!       


  1. "There is no respectable Malay leader within UMNO that will seek to lead UMNO as they are now! Who in his right mind would want to be leader of a corrupt, arrogant and self serving UMNO? "

    How about Tengku Razaleigh? He tried to be elected as UMNO president recently and so far have not gave any indications of leaving. UMNO will only use him if they are confident of him protecting their interest.

  2. Me thinks TRH is cringing listening to these air-headed umnoputra spew.
    The Christian bashing has started again. Voice your disgust at their tactics but tUrn the other cheek, Christians.
    PR heads need to reel in your folks and mind what they say or tweet for this is fodder for the bumno thugs.