Sunday 13 November 2011

UMNO : The Curse Upon the Malays!

The need for easy wealth is an UMNO curse if not a Malay one. It is endemic amongst our Malay leaders though it cannot be said to be entirely the purview of just the Malays for there are many other Malaysian also afflicted with the same malady. And no one does it better then the Malays in UMNO.

It has become an art form that defies logic because as a Malay I am too aware that we were once a race that prides ourselves as being “taat setia” of our responsibilities to our fellow Malays and to those that are our leaders. A race that gives credence to the 1Malaysia ideology that our leaders constantly talk about. For only amongst the Malays can you find so many other ethnics that have fused themselves to become Malays – we are so welcoming of outsiders.

And yet we survive with our adat and our respect for the dignity of our Sultans and the all-consuming passion of Islam within our midst. These are all symbols of Malayness. The Malays is a Bangsa that transcended and embraced every other invasive foreign elements that came its way and still survive  - even when attempts were made to have its language hijacked and made more “suitable” to the changing times. Despite all the extraordinary freedom we have given to others to put the Malays into the ethnic backwaters of our country we have survived.

Survive until now that is!

Where the ravages of time and other ethnic invasion have failed to destabilize the stability of the Malay ethos it would seem that UMNO can!

Where the British have failed to diminish the importance and continuity of the Malay race with their massive inflow of the Chinese and the Indians for economic endeavor, it would seem that UMNO can.

And where the dignity of the Sultan has somehow survived abuse by its own proponent, UMNO it seems, will somehow manage to run the Sultans to the ground by shamelessly exploiting the Sultans for their own pervasive purpose.

It would seem to UMNO that the concept of the survival of the Malays can only be seen in the context of the survival of UMNO after the 13th general election.  

How arrogant! And is it not the height of irresponsibility for UMNO to think that it is so! How can UMNO even begin to consider the Malays as a potential rival to its survival when it was because of the Malays that UMNO came into being and it was because of the Malays that UMNO has so far survived?

When we look at what UMNO is now doing to the Malay race we can say that what the British did in bringing in the Chinese and Indians into Malaysia as being the harbinger of doom, destruction and dilution of the Malay races : It all  pales into comparison with what UMNO is now doing!

The fortunes of the Bangsa Melayu was unfortunately linked by design to UMNO by UMNO for its own purpose – that of gaining and maintaining political power. And alas that is where it ends for the bangsa Melayu because once with power it was UMNO and not the Malays that became the reason for its existence. And this is where we Malays now find ourselves today.

Look at the abuse of political executive power and the excesses of the Sultans that we now see on a daily basis: These are not the doings of Malays but the doings of UMNO.

Easy wealth, gutter politics, corruption and the use and misuse of Islam for vested interests – again this is UMNO doings and not the Malays.

But then are not those in UMNO Malays? Are not UMNO working diligently for the good of the Malays?

It may so that UMNO claims itself to be the champions of the Bangsa Melayu but by what it does, UMNO is anything but Malay. We Malays are now so confused that we no longer know our own race because today anyone can become a Malay – a Bumiputra because UMNO has deemed it to be so.

The Malays have become so fluid that anyone can become Malay. It would seem that the Malays are no longer defined by descent and blood but by the legislation that UMNO enacts in order to ensure their political survival.

But it must be said that in the world that we now live in  - a world without borders – ethnicity should not be an issue that defines anybody. We should all be one people.

Agreed! What I take issue with UMNO is that it uses the ‘Bangsa Melayu’ ethos for its own purpose. It confers ‘Malayness’ onto others not because they deserve it but because they are required to make up the numbers of voters that UMNO requires for victory in the general election. And by so doing UMNO has caused the unraveling of not only the fabric of society within the Malays but more destructively, it has brought into our midst a totally destructive element - the PENDATANGS! 

I say so because it is irresponsible of UMNO to introduce uneducated, untrained and many elements of desperateness into our Malaysian society by giving citizenship to foreigners who are no better then the worse of what you can find in the country they come from. What use are these ‘pendatangs’ if all they do is take from us without giving anything back? The desperateness they bring with them is foisted upon us in the form of a substantial increase in serious crimes, rapes and murders. They take jobs from those of us that needed it most – the poor and the needy. And most destructive of all these ‘pendatangs’ are now part of the Bangsa Melayu.

And surely we Malays will not profit from this further invasion into our ethnicity?

And not only are the Bangsa Melayu being ravaged at their base level but the Bangsa Melayu are being savaged at their First Tier level. Our Malay leaders are without any saving grace – none at all. A herd of thieves, thugs and arrogant bullies that do not see anything beyond the tips of their noses and their selfish interest!

And we need to look no further then the so-called Alpha Bangsa Melayu of them all – Najib and Rosmah! I am sorry but try as I might I am unable to come up with anything good to say about these two. Do not underestimate the harm these two has done to the Bangsa Melayu! And they are not done yet! These two have been dubiously successful in implanting the culture of excess and extravagances to an nth level within the consciousness of Bangsa Melayu – if not within all Malaysians And the sadness of it all? They think they are doing right!  

They think they are doing right by giving a commission of RM$500 million to their crony Razak Baginda that resulted in the murder of Altantuya!

They think they are doing right by living a hideously extravagant life style that even rivals those despotic dictators of tin pot alley African nations where their people do not even have food to eat.

And they think they are doing right by going to Mecca and washing themselves of their accumulated sins to ready themselves for what is to come in the 13th general elections!

I think this is all wrong. To use race and religion for one’s own selfish purpose is wrong. And to use it when you are leader of that race and that religion is totally reprehensible.

This is why we Malays must effect change by taking out UMNO – the cancer within our midst. It has gone too far and done too much damage to our Bangsa Melayu to allow it to fester and eat into what is left of our dignity and whatever prides that is left within us.

I say all this after much thought and introspection because after all I am a Malay. A Malay in exiled and a Malay that left Malaysia over 30 years ago – but a Malay nevertheless! If I am angry at what UMNO has done to our Bangsa then surely you Malays that are still living with UMNO must be furious with UMNO’s continued destruction of our Bangsa Melayu.

If you are then do something about it. First get other Malays to understand your anger at UMNO. Form yourself into groups to move this anger against UMNO into a force to be reckoned with politically – maybe Pakatan Rakyat may be the focus you can gravitate to.

Then you must ask the other races to be with you for I know that they are looking at the Malays to lead the fight to oust UMNO. This is our task now – ABU! Anything but UMNO. Asalkan Bukan UMNO.

But move with care and move responsibly. The vibrancy and survivability of the Bangsa Melayu depends on how we carry ourselves. I can only hope that there will be one Malay amongst us that will emerge as our leader if only to focus us all in the right direction.

Change for our country.
Change for our people.
    Change for Bangsa Melayu!      


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