Sunday 13 November 2011

Rosmah is no Lady!

Our King has never laid any claim to be the First Family though common sense will tell us that they are indeed the First Family of our country. And in the First Family is also the First Lady. Be as it may, it would seem that there is a pretender to the throne of the First Lady.

That pretender is Rosmah Mansor. 

The same Rosmah who is married to our Prime Minister. She insists that she is the First Lady and by so doing, she is laying claim that  her Family, the Prime Minister’s family, is the First Family! Najib either does not have the guts to contradict Rosmah or he is in agreement with her on this matter. Either way it says a lot about whether our Prime Minister aka Mr Cool is really a Jantan or a Pondan!

You may have your thoughts on this but let me give you my two cents worth on this first.

Let us be clear on one thing!

It does not matter if Rosmah is the First Lady or the Second Lady of our country. To me she is no Lady! Nothing in the way she carries herself, the way she behaves and the way she conducts herself as our Prime Minister’s wife makes her a lady. I have a few choice opinions on what she really is but lets keep this discourse within the bounds of a PG rated classification.

No Lady air brushes her image to make herself 40 years younger. It simply is not the lady like thing to do. Even if you do not carry your age well it is simply not the done thing for any “mature age” Lady to look her IQ age – even if her IQ is below average!

No Lady takes it upon herself to attend a pre Budget meeting for the Minister of Finance and his officers. Najib might not have the backbone or balls to say “no” to her but that does not make it right. She has no business at all to be there. A Lady should know her place in a situation like that. Rosmah is no Lady.

No Lady would even consider having a look at a RM74 million ring if she understood the need to show restrain and common sense in her extravagances when there are many people in the country of which her husband is Prime Minister of, who are still living in poverty. Nobody have to advise Rosmah not to do so – a lady understand these things without being told. Sharifah Rodziah, Toh Puan Rahah, Toh Puan Suhaila,Siti Hashmah Endon and Jean knew this and carried themselves with dignity and decorum. Rosmah never did.

As for those “I have a different colour for each day of the week” Hermes dompet of hers….this is the height of crass behavior. To have a Hermes handbag is already telling people that you have money. To have a Hermes bag for each day of the week is putting yourself in the same league as wives, girlfriends or mistresses of those dictators of Africa who have no conception of the values of money. All the money they have has been stolen, plundered or they simply take what money they want from their own people.

Remember Dr Siti Hashmah – Tun Mahathir’s wife? She was always in our hearts and in our thoughts – not because of any Islamic Batik fashion show she held in Monaco. Not because she undertook official visits overseas as First Lady (though when she did so it was low key and with good taste). And certainly not because she was Mahathir’s bag lady…none of the above!

She was there to support her husband and she did it well and without any attempt to up stage him….but there was one time I remembered when she did up stage Mahathir! And deservedly so!

Not by air kissing a Bollywood star or by insisting that she has an office in the same building as her husband….none of the above.

She did it by being there for the Malaysian Badminton team in 1992 when  Malaysia went head to head with the Indonesians in the Thomas Cup Finals….we were with her as she cheered on the Malaysian Team…and when WE won and brought back the Thomas Cup to Malaysia after 25 years! ….we knew what part she had played in making it happen. And for once Mahathir took second place to his wife. That is why the people of Malaysia have so much affection for Siti Hashmah.

So who really is this Rosmah? There is nothing good that I can say about her. That is the way it is for some people who are disliked by a great number of people. Rosmah is currently the 60 years old second wife of Najib Razak – Prime Minister of Malaysia. I say current because what comes after the 13th general election is anybody guess….and what happens to Rosmah is really of no concern to me – one way or the other. 

A Lady will tell Prince Albert of Monaco that the $100,000 euros donation cheque for the Prince Albert  Foundation that she is handing over to him is done on behalf of Taib Mahmud or some other guy if the money was not her own. Rosmah is no lady.

We have the misfortune of having the wife of our Prime Minister to be this Rosmah.


  1. In the holiest mosque a Mecca, the PM was lined up with 2 other men (filling the camera view). Yes, a photo op even there. 2 of them seem to have been Arab VIPs. Our Lady did not want to miss out or to appear subordinate in the background. So she took up a semi-bowing position in the foreground.

    Can anyone reveal the mystery of why Wong Chun Wai is obligated to include at least 1 photo of her every day?

  2. HH,

    I have one good thing to write about the First Lady (or FLOM) which is .......... ummmmh. ...... ...................................................... ummmmmh. ......................... ummmmh.....................................ummmmmh. .................................ummmmh .................OK, I give up. There's nothing good to say or write about the Fat Lady.


  3. She is a second hand wife married to a second hand husband! Two divorces makes one marriage!