Friday 11 November 2011

An UMNO rat by any name still a rat!

This image of UMNO Politicians standing in front of us and lying as though their useless life and the lives of their wife and children depend on them carrying that lie through never goes away from my head. Just when I think we will have a bit of a respite with Najib and Rosmah doing their thing in the Holy Land along comes this:

Umno guilty of vote buying’

 November 10, 2011
Amanah deputy president and former Umno minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir admits BN had bought votes before and that it was common knowledge.

And that KJ again comes up with this gem of a comment:

Khairy wants proof
Meanwhile, when asked to comment on Kadir’s statement on vote buying, BN Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said it was insufficient for Kadir to claim vote buying exists without furnishing proof.

See what a few years in UMNO does to you….Anwar included…it brains your damage…or is it the other way around…damages your brain? See what even a fleeting visit to PWTC did to me….it brained my damage!

One other effect UMNO has on you is the “when I leave UMNO I will do the right thing” syndrome.

What is it with these ex UMNO leaders? Are all of them without balls to do the right thing while they are in UMNO? Are they to busy raking in the money to have time to think of anything else while in UMNO? Or does being away from UMNO makes you more introspective and more aware that there is a life to be lived after you leave UMNO? Go ask Chuah Jui Meng, Zaid and Anwar! These people should know!

But then we all know that when we have time on our hands we start to think of the hereafter…and as long as we are still alive and kicking, we try to atone for the evil we have done in the past just so that they Almighty will hold open that door to Syurga just that few extra minutes to give us time to crawl through. And atoning for their past misdeeds means getting as far away from UMNO as they can!

Those Malays who are now in UMNO can be likened to the Germans under Hitler and the Japanese under Hideki Tojo.

Tojo took Japan into World War Two and authorized the attack on Pearl Harbor. In the ensuing war Japanese deaths numbered almost 1.3 million. In Hiroshima and Nagsaki over 110,000 died. For all this Tojo was hanged.

Hitler took the Germans into World War II with Europe and North Africa. He is directly responsible for the death of 17 million people and in the end took his own life.
The Germans and the Japanese people were all carried away with the heat of the moment and it is only years later that they become contrite and understood the folly of their ways when they were blinded by the leaders to wage war – but war was waged against not their own people but against others.

UMNO wages war against it's own people within its own country. Those who are now in UMNO will one day regret what UMNO have made them do – but not until UMNO is dead and buried six feet under the ground. For now the looting and plundering that UMNO wrecks upon its own country and its own people promises immediate wealth and power to those who are within UMNO. This is more exciting then anything else they can dream of doing themselves. And so UMNO carries many Malays along with them…but just for now…just for now. 

And just for now we will continue to watch these UMNO politicians play havoc with our lives and our future. They do not realize that they are makers of their own coming end. Our anger at them will not diminish nor will it end until we have our day with them for what they do to us.

For me personally I want answers to the billions taken from our national coffers for their personal use by UMNO politicians.

For others it would be for Najib to answer for the abuse of executive power while he was Minister of Defense.

And for many they will want their pound of flesh from Mahathir for leaving them his legacy of greed, arrogance and Machiavellian use of power to benefit himself, his cronies and his Barisan Nasional cohorts.

As they say the rats will leave a sinking ship…but do not forget that they are still rats….and so Kadir Sheikh Fadzir can say what he wants…but do not forget that he is still an UMNO rat!  


  1. Proof?
    When a ex-UMNO guy says it, and you need proof?
    You see? When BN does it, it's cos' they are so confident no one can prove their wrong-doings!
    BN OUT!

  2. Proof means having physical evidence of the offence.
    Does he have anything concrete to take to the EC to demand investigations and push for electoral reforms?
    The rats always flee a sinking ship and PR has no time for rats!

  3. Many thanks Hussien, for making us aware of the political situation and corrupt practices in Malaysia. Any traveler who wants to know more about KL and the Malaysian Government should talk to any random taxi driver but beware he could well be a small time crook too. I was there and you wouldn't believe what he said during the whole journey. He was mourning and groaning about corruption in the government like there is no tomorrow. What an experience in a land they call it truly Asia.