Monday 14 November 2011

Azmin and Tian Chua : Axis of Evil within PKR?

“Azmin and Tian Chua must never be allowed to take over from Anwar” That was the first line of DA’s email to me this morning. I read that at around 4am Monday morning and what it said exactly conceptualized the thoughts I have had these last week or so.

So I am not the only one thinking these thoughts! There is DA and who else amongst you hold the same thoughts? 

Twice I have sat down to write on this but stopped myself unsure of where to go with my thoughts. Our common goals and shared dreams is of a vibrant PKR unshackled from the corruption of its leaders while they were with UMNO. We wanted a PKR able to build on its massive victory at the 2008 General Election and a PKR honest in its avowed commitment to social justice and anti corruption.     

What we have instead is a PKR mired with overt wheeling and dealings as the time for DSAI’s sentencing nears. And as with Zaid Ibrahim this time again Azmin and Tian Chua are in the thick of it all.

This time there is no Zaid Ibrahim to stand with courage and conviction against their insistence on having their way with PKR. This time there is only a first term MP –married and with child. Obedient to her parents wishes and still unsure of her place within PKR first tier leadership level despite being elected one of its Vice President in 2010.

But what pedigree for a first term MP! Her father is Anwar Ibrahim and her mother Wan Azizah. In the 2008 general election, the first that she had ever contested, and at age 28, she defeated a three-term incumbent Sharizat who was also a Minister!

So what will Azmin and Tian Chua do with her now? Or to be more exact, what will Nurrul do when her father is again incarcerated for sodomy two?

What I want Azmin and Tian Chua to know is this. Before you move to do to Nurrul what you did to Zaid Ibrahim do not forget that she is her father’s daughter! When push comes to shove I think Anwar will blink!

Do not forget that unlike you and Tian Chua, Nurrul has a deep reserve of goodwill and affection from within PKR, from within the young and from females. Doubt this at your own peril.   

What she lacks in experience and political expedience she more than makes up through her commitment to do good and what is right for our country and its people – even, I suspect, if that means defying Anwar and Azizah to do what she thinks is right for PKR and for the people she serves.

And so the stage is set for PKR to hopefully once again defy our prediction of a failed political entity. Will PKR arise from the debacle of its party elections and its inability to unshackle itself from its UMNO past to become relevant again to Pakatan Rakyat and in the long run contribute to politics at the national level? Or PKR allow itself to be railroaded by Azmin and Tian Chua to become a caricature of what is UMNO dulu, kini dan selama lama?

More to the point : Will Anwar be a spectator to all this happenings within his own party or will he seized the day and do the right thing for PKR, our people, our county and his Family?

The answer to this escapes me but I know this: If PKR is to survive politically then what DA said to me holds true:   

“Azmin and Tian Chua must never be allowed to take over from Anwar”


  1. I ve had this thought deep in my mind ever since pkr was formed......anwar,azmin,tian chua and a few more,in fact the whole of pkr members with the exception of a few maybe, nurul included...this are disgruntled politician,full of vengence,with little thought for the rakyats if these kind of leaders is to lead pr,what chance do we the ordinary joe have, to hope for any significance change to take place.....none bro,none......the only little hope left is for those less corrupt so called politician from pas and dap or is there any?

  2. Add the Nik Azmi to the list...bought the Keadilan weekly over the weekend. Disturbed to see his line of thaought regarding PPSMI...typical UMNO - KEEP THE RAKYAT IGNORANT IN THE NAME OF BANGSA!
    DSAI pls reel in this guys before you see a surge in spoilt votes! YB NURUL STEP UP TO THE PLATE! WHEN THE TIME COMES. COMETH THE (WO) MAN!

  3. Without discrediting two good leaders in PKR, I think Nurul has the 'x' factor which is very important in the coming general elections. Being Anwar's daughter, if Anwar were to be jailed, she would be supported by the majority of the people. There were so many examples of people elected because of overwhelming sympathy votes when they were least prepared for such high office. Like Corazon Aquino when elected as President of Philippines and more recently, Yingluck as PM of Thailand.

    So if victory at the GE is vital, then this factor should be considered as a valuable plus point. She has the looks and the pedigree, as well as credentials and sincerity.

    Instead of competing with each other, Azmin and Tian Chua should work towards complementing each other with their strong points.

    Taking over the federal government is an enormous and formidable task. We have witnessed how Pakatan learned when taking over mere state governments, and it would be disastrous to fight each other over federal leadership.

    In Malaysia, we have to accept political realities about national leadership, so Tian Chua should know his limitation for now.

  4. Well done HH.No wonder I see less and less comments on your blog nowadays. What, is it getting hotter now downunder and it is time to change your blog setting to PKR bashing. "Conceptualised the thoughts I have had these last week or so", my foot! Criticise if you must but let's have some substance (evidence) for a reader like me to evaluate. "mired with overt wheeling and dealings", if they are overt (open and observable) how come the MSM are silent on this and only you and DA seems to have the information or if they(the MSM)have spinned these stories, how come you fall prey to them.
    Anyway you have appeared to wake Shuk up from his slumber as he had proudly proclaimed (arising from this posting) that "I've had this deep thought in my mind ever since PKR was formed" Can you believed that!
    Hope you will see an increase in the number of visits to your blog in this new 'season'. Salam

  5. Tag...please don't forget the tagline ' agree to disagree'.I am .just stating my opinion...Tq.

  6. Just put Nurul in as the head of PKR.
    She is the best person for the position, credible and non racial.

  7. I totally agreed with you. And i have never like these spices of "katak".

    However, so far i'm quite happy with what Nurul is doing and i hope she can continue to hold on to her principals till the end.

    "Rakyat First"

  8. "This time there is no Zaid Ibrahim to stand with courage and conviction against their insistence on having their way with PKR. "

    Courage and conviction?

    Macha... what you smoking la....

    Zaid is a self-serving egomaniac.

  9. Tahu tak kami rakyat terbawah yang rata ratanya memainkan peranan penting bila tiba pilihanraya we dont cares about it at all ... Yang kami tahu barang semakin naik hidup makin sempit cukai sana cukai sini ... Tak kiralah tian chua ke azmin ke nurul izzah je sape sekalipun yang penting bukan bn dan umno ... Itu je ... Orang kampung tak pernah pikir dan ambik tahupun benda2 mcm ditulis tu ... Lagi satu cara penulisan tu semuanya prasangka semata mata mcm mana tuhan nak bg kejayaan kalau asyik berprasangka ... Kalaupun azmin or tian chua yg ganti anuar lepas tu diorang tak lakukan yang lebih baik dari umno lakukan then kita pangkah orang lain pulak ... Settle ??

  10. tian chua is a devil in a sheep's clothing..want to know who is really the 'Don' behind pkr's 'official' newspaper and also an online news portal headed by an individual who was once ask to resign at malaysiakini?

  11. Kenapa tiba2 aje steadyaku47 minat pada PKR ? Sengaja nak pecah belahkan PKR ! Teori Mahathir tentang PKR dah lama melesit. Malah PKR terus menghantui UMNO.

  12. hello what is this farking DA (sorry me new here).

    but this article really ignore some important issues. or r u trying to service yourself?

    and i just cant figure out what quality u bring in this article?

    zaid is maniac (ego and selfcentred)
    at least this azmin and tian chua... have sacrificed something for the past ten years or more...

    u just pathetically support your farking DA ideas.

  13. The point is Anwar supports both this people,evil or not.
    What can you say of Anwar then.
    Maybe Nurul and Kak Zizah will have to create another party, like Zahid did. Right.?
    That is life brader.
    In politics,no son,father,brother.
    Nothing is perfect. Anwar is way beyond imperfect.

  14. By the way what wrongs have Azmin & Tian Chua done?

  15. IT might be a good thing if we people ensure that Azmin n Tian Chua don't get elected on Pakatan ticket. We will give them to Independent who will join Pakatan after winning.

    We must first ensure BN loses.

  16. YES, I've never trusted Azmin and Tian Chua is too quick to butt in - but there are also a host of other ex UMNOs and ex MCAs in PKR whom we do not think will add value to the people's well being should PR win.
    Nurul is first a daughter but I think now she has more of the people's interest and needs to be firm to stand apart from her parents' wishes - and they should not intervene in her line of thoughts.
    It is our only hope of driving out UMNO by voting in Pakatan but we doubt their capability and ability.
    Therefore our message to voters is to choose the candidates wisely, and not the party. Know who you are electing to represent you.
    There are very good and capable leaders in PAS and some old hands in DAP ... let us vote for the right man for the job.

  17. Not too long ago, it was DSAI bashing season. Now its bashing his deputies. Who's next on your agenda?
    Pakatan's growing stronger by the day as BN's skeletons walking out of the cowdominiums. PKR's just one leg of the Pakatan stool and the discerning rakyat will stick with Pakatan through thick and thin.

  18. I always think Azmin is an UMNO mole and a useless bum. This No. 2 in PKR has never ever speak in public about his vision and plans to improve Malaysia and Malaysians. Absolutely, NOTHING constructive or visionary!!!

    Everytime you read about Azmin in the news, he is chastising Barisan Nasional or worse still Pakatan coalition members. He would challenge this person, warn that person, very much like a jaguh kampung, no different from Ibrahim Ali.

    Doesn't it make you shudder to think that a person like Azmin is No. 2 in Pakatan and potential a minister if Pakatan takes over the federal government?

    Don't know much about Tian Chua, so no comment!

  19. HH, if you have that opinion on Zaid, then I feel there's no point reading your piece further....

  20. I don't know about Azmin but he's too pretty for my liking. As for Tian Chua, I think you're a bit unfair. He's one of those few in PKR who dare to take the bull by the horns in going against the BN and had suffered personal consequences in the process. There are not many like him though I wish there were. His method may be unorthodox, or cowboy style but he's been effective in bringing support of the younger generation to the opposition. And he is not one who will betray his party so readily. For that I respect him.

  21. Why do you admire Zaid so much? He's too egoistic and throw tantrums when he don't get what he wants. He betrayed his cause and his friends. I must admit that at one time I had high regard for him but after he betrayed PRK, I thought he's as big a snake as one can find.