Saturday 26 November 2011

What now Anwar?

The first tier leaders within PKR are now readying themselves for a ‘THEM’ vs ‘US’ day of reckoning. There is a ‘If you are not with us then you are against us’ mentality that permeates all aspects of PKR politics. There is no room for dissent or arguments. And they are all bunkering down into a siege mentality  - the mentality that will close PKR to all but the faithful. The faithful within PKR whose loyalty to the party is unconditional. A mind set that inhibits alternative points of view. This is the flaw within PKR that will make it stumble even as it begins to walk.

No it is not me going PKR bashing again! Be rest assured that my bashing of UMNO and Barisan Nasional is  more relentless and sustained. What I do not want PKR to be are the debris of history  - leaving nothing tangible that could help our people and our nation to survive UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

This is what I wrote of Anwar on the 22nd of February in 2009 – almost three years ago. Nothing much has change – not Anwar and certainly not my opinion of him!

But what will haunt Anwar will be this: Too many friends and allies have now become his nemesis. Anwar listens but does not hear. He looks but does not see. What now Anwar?   


ANWAR cukup lah. I do not profess to talk on behalf of our batch – no that would be too presumptuous of me – but I did remember vaguely in some conversation a long long time ago with some of our friends – that we did say that when we think that you have strayed too much off the beaten track, we, as your MCKK batch mates, will take you by the hand (or balls – whichever you prefer) and tell you “Cukup Lah”. I think that point has been breached a number of times – but no affirmative action was taken by any of us. Whether they are not bothered, or simply are leaving you to your own devices is to be debated but I will not wait any longer.

What will it take for you to put politics aside and put the interest of the Rakyat and our country first before self. Did you not learn from what happened under Mahathir? You whipped up the people into a frenzy with your rhetoric’s – and then what? The country was pulled apart by forces loyal to you and forces loyal to the Government. For what? What did it achieve? Now it is happening again. And when all is done what then? You will not be PM because like Najib, your past will catch up with you. If you cannot be king then be the Kingmaker. But do it in a statesmanlike manner, gracious and with responsibility and accountability to the people – and if you do it that way you can be assured that the people will be with you. They are looking towards you because, as I have said much earlier, you are the most capable by default when you look at what is now available – Najib, Pak Lah…etc. But it has been quite sometime since the last election when the people DID give you a mandate to act on their behalf but instead until now you and your Pakatan Rakyat are embroiled in playing politics and posturing to promote yours and their own personal interest. Since you came back on the political scenario I had yet to see you do one meaningful gesture that would indicate to me that you deserve to be leading the country in this renewal process. No Anwar you have not done anything without regard to self – always it is to advance your cause – personal or political – at one time you all had the Rakyat swept on a tide of hope and belief in your ability to deliver what was required to keep those politicians bastards honest. You failed to deliver.

Now what? You are wearing your welcome a bit too thinly. We have had enough of your posturing and your gift of the gab. Stop and think and think hard where you should go from here. Speak to your real friends – those that can speak with you without fear or favor – and let them tell you things you should hear – not what you want to hear. Do it soon before you fall again. If this seems a bit too harsh then think of the times you spent in jail – you do not want to go there again !! You are too old to withstand the physical aspect of being put in jail again…and you know damm well that that is where you will find yourself if you do not deliver the expectations of the people in being their king…and if you cannot be their king…then be the king maker. 


  1. HH, That last line says it best.
    Anwar must step aside for PKR young bloods to move up victoriously.
    Apologies for the double entry in the previous post. PC's fault.

  2. Tuan HH, I think the alma mater of MCKK knows DSAI better than any of us - the true DSAI. So before, people start slinging mud at you, I would like to request you to consider running in the GE13. Place your name on the ballot paper in a seat in Petaling Jaya or KL (like Lembah Pantai or Ampang) where many read your blog. I'm sure that we can raise sufficient funds to pay for the nomination fees.

    When I read how people say you sit in your ivory tower in Australia, senang cakap2 aje. I think this is not a fair comment.

    I'm just tired of politicians (whether BN or PR)while we are still talking about PPSMI, SSS, MAS/AA, Tenaga, NFC etc... They all have an agenda... Do we think USA, UK politicians serve because they loveeeee the people?? Common-on... no one spends millions on a political campaign just to serve the rakyat!! If its not for money, its for POWER!!

    Tok Rojak

  3. Tok Rojak in a manner of speaking I am 'isolated' from the maddening crowd that seems to swirls around everywhere we turn...and yet it is this isolation that allows me to make my comments without fear or favor.

    I do not mind telling you that it has taken me the good part of the last two days to be able to put into words what I am feeling about DSAI, PKR and the predicament they now find themselves in...but they have nobody else to blame but themselves!

    Power or the perception of power within a vacuum does strange things to people. Let us await and see if what Najib and UMNO are planning for DSAI and PKR will come to fruition - if not we will rejoice for DSAi and for PKR. Salam

  4. on what basis r u saying this?anwar is perfect to lead the nation.dont give me the nobody's perfect stereotype-argument. give me proofs. and yes anwar have!

    if u want to be perfect, then u want to be God.


  5. Tuan HH, then may your wishes be granted. Syabas and continue the good work. Yes, lets wait and see apa yang akan terjadi. Hanya takdir akan memutuskan keputusan hari kelak.

    And to my friend Mr/Ms Anon 9:23, we have seen too much of DSAI. We are not young cikus anymore and I still remember when he shoved Islamic civilzation down our throats in school. Nothing wrong but I've learn more about Islam from my Malay friends than di paksa kena dakwah. We can go on & on... but pointless when talking about a chemeleon. Yes, ABU but lets have straight thinking leaders that have a heart for the country & its people - not a devil or the deep blue sea connundrum.

    No, nobody is seeking to be perfect, or to be like God. But there are some political parties that will make sure God's Mandate is enforced on earth like in heaven and they will make sure you know that they are the only channels to hear what God is saying...

    Lovingly. Tok Rojak.

  6. IF anything you really ought to take your hats off for Anwar, never has a politician on the both side of the divide, taken such a battering yet remains steadfast to battle with a simple keris against the heavy artillery UMNO has deployed..History will recognize Anwar as the greatest Malay warrior.Shame on the fitnah spewing back stabbers and turncoats!