Tuesday 29 November 2011

Our People Are Ready!

Our people are ready as we can be.Bring it on UMNO. Bring it on Barisan Nasional. Bring it on Najib, Mahathir or whom so ever you have within your camp.

I no longer care if the person standing beside me in my fight against UMNO and Barsian Nasional is a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban or Eurasian. If you call Malaysia home then you are my brother in arms. 

I no longer care if you are a Muslim, Buddhist, Christian or Atheist - if you call Malaysia home then you are my brother in arms.   

I no longer care if you are from Sarawak, Sabah, Kelantan, Selangor or even Melaka -if you call Malaysia home you are my brother in arms. 

For we all now want go to into politics and rid ourselves of this band of thieves, thugs, scammers and swindlers grouped under Barisan Nasional. We will achieve this in the 13th general election. Achieve what the people before us have not been able to achieve in the past 53 years : The total dismissal and dismantling of that political coalition known as Barisan Nasional and we will do it not with force but through the ballot box. 

We do not aspire to shape Malaysia's future - we will change it. We are energized and optimistic that we will prevail.

If you doubt that this will happen then look around you. Are your friends not agitated and angry at what is being done by our government in the name of progress and the transformation of our country and society into a high achievement and and high income one? They are angry and agitated because what this BN government is doing assumes that we are idiots incapable of discerning what are genuine reforms and what are empty and hollow promises made to try and win votes for BN.

Consider these headlines in NST today:

Peaceful Assembly Bill not 'draconian': Najib

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today dismissed allegations by certain quarters that the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 was a more draconian legislation compared to previous laws.

And this is just today! The above might be good reading for Najib over breakfast and give him that 'oomph' in that short ride from Seri Perdana to Putrajaya but what else does it do? It infuriates us! It infuriates us because these people cannot discern what is facts and what is fiction. What is pure adulterated drivel and what are truths. And it is this inability to understand the fragility of their  situations that keeps UMNO and BN cocoon in a web of ignorance as the whole country around them clamors for change!

UMNO and BN exist in a vacuum. Najib is too wrapped up in 'changing' himself. Muhyiddin is already in his "If I am Prime Minister" frame of mind. Mahathir wakes up every morning convinced that he and only he can save UMNO, our country and the western and eastern world from Armageddon. KJ waits and waits and waits ......for what I do not know! 

MCA is still trying to spin its way into relevance with the Chinese. 

MIC as always is a work in progress. Has been a work in progress since Merdeka and will still be a work in progress when BN no longer rules....totally unaware that time and the Indian people have long given up them.    

And the others within BN's sphere of influence take what they can from the pool of filth, dirt and dirty money that BN has collected in its years of plunder and pillage of our nation wealth.

So today I want to tell you all that our people are ready! If you stop us from winning this fight through the ballot box then we will pick up what stones and rocks that are around us - find any stick or iron bars that we can to arm ourselves with - and all this we will use to win our fight to rid ourselves of UMNO and BN. This we will do without fail and with the determination of a people who believe the time has come to shape our own destiny.

Barisan Nasional and UMNO will not always be with us! You and I can make them crawl under the wood work until we are ready to deal with them for their abuse of the trust we have placed upon them. Have faith in our ability to do so. Now will Pakatan Rakyat take their place beside us?          

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