Tuesday 15 November 2011

Methinks this Sultan of Selangor does too much AGAIN!

The fixed, false belief that one possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth. Can be a symptom of paranoid or manic disorders (and sometimes dementia). People with this disorder also have a taste for the finer, more extravagant things/actions. This disorder is commonly known as megalomania. Sometimes drug abuse can intensify or bring on these sorts of episodes. This is a very dangerous condition.


It irks me to think that the Sultan of Selangor has Delusion of Grandeur with regard to the role he plays in the governance of HIS state Selangor! HIS state Selangor? And his role as head of Islam in HIS state?

PETALING JAYA: It’s a bitter pill to swallow for many Selangor assemblymen now that the government may have lost control over the state’s Islamic administrative matters and the estimated tens of millions of ringgit in annual zakat collections.
The amendments made in July seemingly allowed the state’s Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) to be accountable only to the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafudin Idris Shah, bypassing the state government in the process.
The amendments affected the Administration of the Religion of Islam (State of Selangor) Enactment 2003.

FMT previously reported that Selangor state assemblymen allegedly received a letter from the Sultan at the July 11 state assembly sitting, commanding them to agree to these amendments.
Caught by surprise and fearing a constitutional crisis in the event of a refusal, Pakatan state assemblymen allowed the amendments to be passed without a hitch.
Currently, the Sultan has the power to appoint the MAIS chairman, deputy chairman and “not fewer than eight other members” to the council.
MAIS also consists of five ex-officio (automatic) members – the state secretary, state legal adviser, state financial officer, the mufti and the chief police officer.
According to the anonymous state assemblyman, the building and administration of mosques and suraus were also affected by the amendments.
JAIS, as well as the state government, he claimed, would have to spend money to build them, while the administration of these buildings would fall under MAIS’ purview.

Who told him that Selangor is HIS state? Just because he was born into the role of Sultan does not make any state HIS state! 

Somebody better tell him that the life of decadence he now leads is bankrolled by the taxes paid by the people of Selangor and others. Somebody better tell him that he does not earn his keep!

Like the mistresses being kept by BN politicians, he too is being kept in clover and grandeur by the hard earned money from others! And while these mistresses gives sexual pleasure and gratification to their masters this Sultan of Selangor is a parasite of the highest order for he never gives anything back to his benefactors.

And like the over 1000 parasites that can wreck havoc on our bodies and live all over the human body  - in the blood and all organs including the brain and in our eyes and sinus and anus – this Sultan of Selangor must be put in his place before he wrecks havoc over HIS state of Selangor by his dalliances into the politics of HIS state!

The parasite genital protoza lives in the female vagina and urethra and causes a slightly yellow discharge with itching and burning. I think it is time that this parasite of a Sultan  go find HIS female vagina and make like a parasite and stay out of matters that does not concern him.

By the manner he chooses to lives his sordid life he has forfeited any right to have anything to do with Islam in HIS state! Do you want the head of Islam in Selangor to fornicate around with ladies of dubious persuasion? I believe that ISLAM forbids what this Sultan is now doing – fornicating around – so why is he allowed to meddle in matters of Islam?

Woi Sultan go stand in front of the mirror and see yourself as others see you! A useless appendage of the Malays race that contributes towards nothing more then the decline and fall of the Malays.

What dignity you could possibly bring to your throne was lost many years ago when you choose to live your life no better then the life of those cursed and spoilt with the dubious honor of having other people pay for the useless life they lead. You have earned not a single cent to pay for the useless life you lead then, now and for the foreseeable future.

Before you are further embarrassed by the exposure of your past and present follies I would suggest that you stop to think whether doing the bidding of UMNO will do you any good. You simply do not have the acumen to understand that you are being used by UMNO for its own ends. True you do have need of the few millions here and the few millions there that UMNO throws your way every now and then but I would suggest that you are already living the good life being a parasite. Begging for the few millions here and the few million there that UMNO throws your way will not do you any good once the people decides that it is time that they do away with you and your parasitic way!

So Sultan cease and desist your interference in the governance of YOUR state! I was born in Segambut and Selangor is MY state. I do not want the likes of you to think that I will be quiet when you begin to have these delusion of grandeur thinking that you are a reborn Sultan of Selangor who has come riding on a white stallion to save Selangor from a PKR state government and return it back to UMNO. It would be far better for you to be like a stallion and go service the mares that are waiting in the stables – is that not what you like doing now?

Step back and stop yourself from thinking that you would want to play any role in the government of Selangor. For now we will put up with you being a parasite in our midst –though unlike the other parasites – it would seem that you  lead a very comfortable and decadent life style. Be like a tree and make yourself inconspicuous and stay out of our consciousness. To do otherwise might invite the wrath of the people in YOUR state and might shorten your rule as Sultan. Understand?              


  1. Pak Hussein.
    Well said.
    Not many alays want to derhaka to Sultans. Its their Hindu psyche I guess.

  2. Pak Hussein,
    Calling a spade a spade!. Hope someone will alert him of this article and he will wake up from his dreams.
    Benci Munafik

  3. Truth of the matter is that both sides are guilty.....the MB and its EXCO is guilty of kow towing to the so called MASTERS or SULTAN as they called it in Malays,though it is of no surprise because Malaysian have been known to lose their ball whenever their Sultan sneeze......and the Sultan of course with the help of their subjects blindness and stupidity or whatever words that you can think of always thought that they are GOD.....sikit2 derhaka,derhaka,derhaka.....Piiiii lah.

  4. Colourful but well said!
    On a related note, The good prof Aziz Bari says an existing clause dubbed the "mahathir formula" could have used to prevent the Sultan from imposing his recent amendment demands. In otherwords, the MB cow could have said no rather than be railroaded into a yes. Bye2 Selangor Zakat $$.

  5. Hi, Hussein, you don't mince your words when you want to say to someone who is unfair, dishonest and you are fair dinkum too.
    True, there are far too many sultans in South East Asia in this day and age and they did and still do behave like gods. Regards to you and family.

  6. Hi Hussein: that was indeed a bucketful!! I admire your guts - that's what separates the men from the boys.

    With all good wishes for the new year to you and your family.

  7. Sir,

    He is not the only one.

    UMNO is so desperate now that they will enlist them to do to their bidding. And they will be most willing. Perak could be a fine example.

  8. S47

    Happened to talked with a friend who holds a senior position in JAIS who more or less confirmed on what you blogged of the Sultan's affair with the Model.

    So I asked why no action (at least a charge of khalwat)from JAIS.

    Apparently, there can never and will never be any action on "his highness".

    Self preservation and need to protect Malay institution interests will ensure the conspiracy to keep secrets from public knowledge.

    If I say to you what he had told me in confidence, the Anti Sedition Act, Official Secrets Act and the ISA will go for me for sure.

    Without the evidences for my saying so, I would be spreading fitnah under God's Law. By this constraint, I will stop here!

    But should you continue writing ever more, do know that most of us if not all of us cannot and will not do anything because of... ugama, bangsa and negara!

  9. Pak Hussein,
    Ada cerita lama meriwayatkan se ekor kucing telah memaharaja lela di kalangan sekumpulan tikus di dalam sebuah rumah.Maka banyaklah tikus menjadi mangsa.Tikus tikus yg masih tinggal pun bermesyuarat. Timbul cadangan supaya di pasang loceng pada leher tikus agar dapat di dengari segala pergerakan kucing tersebut.
    Kemudian datang satu pertanyaan siapa pula yang berani memasang loceng itu?
    Mujurlah sekarang ada internet.


  10. Hussein,
    Thanks for voicing our concerns! The trouble was that Pakatan didn't make him sweat for the amendments!They should have pussyfoot with him for a while! They cave in so easily! After all he played with them our the chief secretary appointment. A good reminder for Pakatan for the next round! Let's see who has balls!

  11. Then it is best for the State to stop collecting the zakat and what not and instead had it over to the HRH boys to do it! then we will see the fun!